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Narco Sub

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Narco Sub refers to secret narco-smuggling boats used by some South American narco-opoly leaders to illegally enter the country of U.S.A. An embarrassed American admiral is forced by a prominent Ecuadorian drug lord to navigate this small water craft past the US coast guard. To make matters worse, the vessel is taken aboard a pirate ship and crewed by criminals who plan to rob the fortune onboard. In an effort to regain his dignity, the admiral sets a final course for the vessel and a daring escape from a life-threatening situation.

With incredible special effects and a gripping story, Narco Sub will definitely create an impact on all film fans. The plot revolves around a group of corrupt politicians in Colombia's narco cartel. The narco-cartels have been earning huge profits transporting cocaine from the U.S.A to the poor regions of the country. With the help of a well-lubricated Colombian drug lord, they were able to buy sophisticated watercraft from Moldava and Belize and also hire a crew that included some defectors from the Colombian Marines to complete the job.

The storyboard and the entire movie Narco Sub are being produced by Production house, Cinorama. The movie narco sub 2021 is yet another exciting addition to their long list of award winning animated movies. The movie was released on April of 2021 and became a box office hit across the globe. As per the online movie reviews, narco-sub2021 has been an overwhelming success and it is being promoted as the second film in the series "Narcotics".

In the movie narco-sub, Michael Knight is the latest narco recruit in Colombia. He is an ex Colombian police officer who was arrested and convicted of involvement in the narco trade. He was sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment and had to pay heavy fines and taxes to Colombian authorities. To make matters worse for him, his girlfriend had been killed in a shoot-out near a notorious cargo warehouse.

Due to his atrocious crime, narco traders sought out to eliminate him. However, he managed to escape and began assembling a team of his own. Together, they devised a new method of transporting drugs, one that would circumvent border security. The name of the new method was "Narco Traffic" and it was conceived to be a means of transporting large quantities of cocaine over the ocean.

The narco-cartels needed a vehicle in which to transport their loads. They therefore bought two fishing boats, one belonging to Cosco and the other to Orlando. These two boats were used to ferry cargo loads from place to place. Once their shipment had been completed, narco smugglers transferred the drugs in bags of cement from their boats onto the boats. The cement bags were sealed so that only a few people would know that a load of cocaine had gone missing. Once the truck was out at sea, the narco smugglers would take off with the cocaine.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama

Duration: 93min

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