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My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission

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My Hero Academia: World Heroes is an animated Japanese video film directed by Takao Aoki. The story of the movie takes place in the future Japan after an impending war. protagonist Katsuhiro Suzuki is a young boy who was scouted as a star pitcher in his freshman baseball tryout camp. His hard work and dedication to hone his skills on the field earned him a scholarship to a prestigious Japan Academy.

Unfortunately, on the day of his entrance, he encountered the legendary Bleach anime character Uryumaru Ryuzaki. After a short scuffle, Ryuzaki declared war on the Japanese Empire and its hero, the Great Master strategist Masahiro Chihiro. In order to stop the destruction that Ryuzaki planned, Uryumaru Ryuzaki decided to use the Time Stop Disorder. Although this technique temporarily delays battle, it was still enough for Uryumaru to be momentarily lifted out of the line of fire.

Two years later, at the start of the sophomore semester, our main protagonist again encounters Ryuzaki and Chihiro; this time, however, he is badly injured during a battle between the two hero s. Luckily, he is saved by the timely intervention of a boy called Rihoko Asakura, who was also scouted by the previous camp counselor, Takuo Yamanouchi. Rihoko then joins the anime club alongside the other new members; the three become My Hero Academia.

This past that My Hero Academia was starting to blossom, a lot of well-known TV network companies were showing interest in airing the My Hero Academia series. One of these companies, a Japanese animation studio, had decided to make a live action adaptation. And since the studio was already working on the second season, they decided to add a little twist with the story's resolution. By the end of the second season, the story had turned into one with a heroic sense. And so the studio Bones came up with the idea of having My Hero Academia: World Heroes as its lead hero.

The plot of My Hero Academia: World Heroes revolves around the central relationship of protagonist Naruto, a former prodigy, and his friends, who have since fallen into poverty and delinquency. With the help of an unexpected incident, the team was able to save the day and gain back their powers; this was done with the help of a mysterious individual named Izumi Tazuna. Together, they decided to solve the mystery behind the "vasel" incident, which is a reference to the stigmata. And after several mystery movie flicks, the fans of My Hero Academia started longing for a proper sequel.

A year later, in August of 2021, a live-action project, which is directed by Hiroyuki Takahashi, was released. In this movie trailer, the original hero, Naruto Shippudden, made an appearance, along with his friends from the earlier movie. This time, the movie trailer includes a secondary character, Izuemonji, and other main and minor characters from the series. If you loved the earlier version of the My Hero Academia series, then this movie trailer is for you! If not, then watch it anyway, because it's worth it!

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