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Rise of the Mummy

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Rise of the Mummy could be the start of a very exciting franchise for Universal Studios. The first project in this exciting series is expected to be a spin-off of the popular Rise of the Mummy movie series. This would be the first movie in a new trilogy of movies based on the Rise of the Mummy. Rise of the Mummy pits an all new cast of characters against an evil queen and her armies. The movie will also deal with mankind's search for a mythical artifact known as the Staff offers.

Rise of the Mummy first hit the big screen back in 2021, but since its release it has received mixed reviews from both critics and fans. Some have praised the movie for its visual beauty, while others have cited some flaws. For those of you who are not familiar with the franchise, Rise of the Mummy was made by Universal Pictures and distributed by Blumhouse Television. The Rise of the Mummy also stars Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Djimon Hansu as Medusa, and Keith Szabo as Jafar.

One reason why I love Rise of the Mummy so much is because it features an all new dynamic when it comes to its story telling. Instead of just following the footsteps of its predecessors the movie takes things into an entirely new level. Instead of fighting the mummy in a slow moving, boring cave like the previous movies this one takes things to the next level. We are introduced to a new and exciting world when we watch Rise of the Mummy online, where we learn that our main archaeologist, Amanda-Jade Tyler (Djimon Hansu) is the one behind the mission to find the Staff offers.

When the staff amateurs finds the mysterious and powerful artifact known as the Staff offers they realize that it has the ability to turn the head of anyone, and even turn the staff of the ancient Egyptian army against itself. The Egyptian soldiers that surround the artifact use a variety of deadly tools on their own to kill any who gets too close. The only problem with this is that there is no way for the archaeological students to escape, so they have to kill everyone, including themselves in the process. It seems that once the Ancient Egyptians get near the Staff offers, they are killed instantly, leaving behind the question of just how did the ancient Egyptians escape such a violent situation in the first place?

With the destruction caused by the Staff offers the remaining archaeology students must work together to save the rest of the town. While everyone is busy fighting each other out of fear, Dr. Maxence Dearden comes back from the dead to find himself in a time loop. He realizes that he has to stop the Ancient Egyptians before they can destroy the rest of Egypt. With the help of three of the school's archaeological team members (called the Lightnings), Dr. Maxence discovers that they need to travel back in time to the day of the Staff offers. However, is there a way to defeat the mummy before they can go back in time?

There are definitely some incredible aspects about the Rise of the Mummy film franchise, but it does suffer from some less than spectacular special effects and some rather undeveloped story lines. This isn't a movie that's going to become the sleeper hit that some of the other movies have been, but if you like fantasy then you'll love this one. If you haven't seen the first two films in the series, then the best option is to wait until the third film takes places. Until then, enjoy Rise of the Mummy and other classic movies like Egypt; The Search, Rise of the mummy, and other Egyptian movies that you may have missed out on because they were wrapped up in other projects.

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