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Malignant has been released in the UK in all its glory. A release worth watching for any horror film fan. If you love horror movies and want a good laugh, check out this one, it's perfect. As far as I'm concern its one of the better ones in recent years.

Based on the true story of serial killer Charles Manson, Malignant follows the life of the infamous musician from his childhood to his death bed. With an excellent cast including Autumn Reeser (The Woman In Black), John Turturro, and Rose Byrne (The Firm) this film is sure to be a winner for all ages. With a superb soundtrack full of classic horror music, this movie had me in stitches from start to finish. If you're a horror buff this is an essential watch, definitely worth the money. As far as tv shows go this one comes highly recommended.

I first watched Malignant on a website that gave horror movies a rating, it came out at number four which made it three hundred and twenty-five on the list. Now this is good news for fans of this fantastic movie. I am also a horror buff, so this was just what I was looking for. The other good thing about this movie is it has a great audio track that fits the mood perfectly. No matter how many times you watch it in the theatre, you'll find it amazing how life like the characters are made to look.

Due to it's excellent casting, TV show genre is often overlooked when it comes to cinema and TV shows. However, the great thing about this movie is the cast, the director and the special effects. Combined together everything works together perfectly making for a movie that will make even the most jaded horror fan sit up and take notice. Streaming malignant on Amazon Video is already looking like a hit with people everywhere, people are probably waiting for its DVD release.

Streaming Malignant on Amazon has only recently been released so it is hard to know whether or not it will be a hit, but it looks like it will be a solid hit. If you have never seen the film, then you in all likelihood have been waiting for this movie ever since it came out. Many of the trailers and clips online look very impressive. With the excellent acting and fantastic graphics, it is easy to see why so many people are looking forward to this movie. You can purchase streaming Malignant on Amazon Video right now, along with other movies like Saw, Hostel and more.

I hope this article helps those looking for a review on Malignant (with a summary of my thoughts on the movie). If you want to read a full movie spoilers of the movie Malignant (with a summary of my thoughts on that as well), then check out my blog below. If you are looking for other Malignant(2021) movie reviews, check out my blog below. Enjoy! xoxo

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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 112min

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