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Major Grom: Plague Doctor

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Major Grom: Plague Doctor is the latest release from Russian film studio, Ciebel International. The movie itself is based on a popular Russian fairy tale, written by Vasil Khatchaturian. The movie's heroine, a plague doctor named Dobret Savin (Vasiliy Samenchuk), becomes involved in an odd chain of events, which involves the foul deeds of both her current employer and the shady figure that were responsible for her previous employer's downfall. The movie is not exactly great, but it does have its moments of levity, and it has a rather interesting story. However, the film itself turns out to be far more engaging than that.

The movie itself takes place in the City of Stalingrad, where in each day a new plague strikes. As the movie goes on, we find that the plague becomes more serious as it spreads across the city. In one scene, the movie's protagonist finds himself trapped in the center of the chaos, and he begins to lose all hope. Fortunately, a young girl named Natalia (Karen Allen) comes to his rescue, and together they work to clear the streets of dead bodies, while trying to save the city from itself.

The movie opens up with some rather disturbing scenes. A man named Dmitry (Kovacich) stumbles upon a body in the street, covered in blood. He assumes that it's his own, and goes to tell his friend Alex (Peter Mensch), who then describes how he had been bitten by the same bug. Within a few minutes, both men come face to face with a similar infection that causes the victims to become bloated, weak, and dehydrated. In a panic, they rush to the hospital only to learn that their friend is not infected but rather has rabies instead.

It seems that the disease has spread rather quickly, and the quarantined area soon becomes a no go zone. Soon, it becomes obvious that most of the dead bodies have been cremated, and that the city will soon be turned into a ground of death for anyone not carrying the disease. As the quarantined area is emptied, the city's clean-cut facade returns, only this time even worse. People begin to fall ill, their eyes turn black and their guts turn acidic.

It's at this point that Major Grom, who is working undercover, makes his way into the city in order to determine just what is causing the outbreak. On the first floor, he meets an American soldier who happens to be checking out a woman's home. He asks her if she has seen anyone lately that would like to get rid of the stench. The woman tells him about a serial killer that she and her husband have tried to prevent from targeting their neighborhood, but to no avail. Major Grom enters the house and hears a number of loud noises that are caused by a crazed criminal trying to break into a nearby bank.

Once inside, Major Grom tries to convince the man not to kill the bank staff and workers, but the criminal has no care in the matter and kills all of them, including Major. Determined not to let Major Grom die in vain, the police officer guards the bank and attempts to protect the general public from this madman. Meanwhile, Major Grom is approached by a group of terrorists who want to use Grom's body to clone him and raise funds for their cause. Will this man kill Major Grom? Find out in "The Day The Earth Stood Still" written by Dennis Potter.

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Genres: Action , Adventure

Duration: 136min

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