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Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens from Its Nap

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Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakened is set during a time when children are being taken away from their care by adults who are intent on caring for them. In an afternoon care so far, miles away, Maggie is on an epic quest to recover her lost pacifier. Her quest brings her face-to-face with youthful Padawans, Sith lords, friendly droids, unfamiliar aliens, and a secret battle against the evil dark side. The storyline in this film is fun and entertaining as well as relaying age-old lessons about family, friendship, and honesty. It also showcases Maggie's beautiful and intelligent face, her talent for writing, and the depth of her character which shines through in every scene.

This movie begins in the rural town of Gravity, Wyoming, where Maggie (Ellen DeGeneres) returns home after spending the night at a sleepaway camp, complaining of seasickness. She promptly expresses her desire to go home and rests her weary body. Shortly thereafter, she is woken by a mysterious stranger who asks her to meet him at the lake. Although Maggie initially balks, she decides to go along with him anyway. Together they travel to the lake and Maggie immediately realizes that her strange dream was not a dream but a holographic sequence triggered by the elements in the area.

Maggie and her newfound friend, Luke (Aaron Ruell), journey to the center of the Earth where they meet the evil Emperor Parasite (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The Emperor has constructed a massive space ship, the Deathstar, which is filled with dangerous chemicals and radiation that will kill both the humans and any organic life forms on the surface of the planet. However, Maggie and Luke can prevent the Deathstar from attacking Earth by convincing the Emperor to divert his energy into creating a single point of power called the Starpoint, where he can control the Deathstar's destructive energy. The three then flee to safety, leaving the kids behind.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Maggie and Luke continue their quest in search of the crystals which can activate the force awakens in human beings. During their search, they encounter a series of unfortunate events including the accidental death of a horse, the crash of a helicopter (which causes Luke to have a panic attack), and the theft of an experimental spaceship by an evil businessman. In order to restore peace and balance to his galaxy, the Emperor offers the teen's membership in his Galactic Guard. The group is reunited when the evil Doctor Alchemy (John Lithgow) makes his way to the station and attacks the Emperor with the help of his army of robots. After battling through a series of enemies, the teens ultimately defeat Alchemy and the rebellion is put down.

Because of the success of the rebellion, Maggie becomes a celebrity and the authorities take notice of her new-found fame. Her movie, Maggie Simpson in the Force, is released in theaters and is highly critical and popular. Things only go from bad to worse when she is accused of stealing the sacred Force Gem from the Jedi Temple. Special agent Bob Grant (Brad Pitt) is assigned to the case and he discovers that Maggie is actually in hiding at a trailer park. Grant must rescue her before the authorities arrive to take her away for trial.

The movie is a fun and entertaining crime thriller that won't disappoint its audience. Brad Pitt provides the acting job of his career, using his usual charm to make everyone involved care about what happens to Maggie. Plus, John Lithgow is great in the role of Vader, giving fans a nice visual of the dark knight in action. Overall, the movie is a fun action-adventure that any Star Wars fan will enjoy.

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