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Luca is a movie based on a true story. It's the original dubbed version of Luca shown in Malayalam in 2021. Directed by Arun Bose, this movie about a Kerala-based freelance artist called Luca, and his beautiful girlfriend N Kumar (Ngoc Thin) is about to become one of the biggest hits in India and even around the world. The movie revolves around a romance that develops between Luca and N Kumar after she goes missing while on an assignment for a publishing company in Singapore. While there is a lot of dialogues, most of the story is told through the diary of Luca's character. Directed by award-winning director Arun Bose, this romantic movie promises multiple awards at the upcoming Oscars.

Another film that was released recently is called Full House. Starring Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai and Priyadarshan Soman Nair, this romantic comedy/drama depicts the life of a young man named Arjun (Aishwarya Rai), who is from a conservative family in Southern India. When he moves to Singapore, he quickly falls in love with a girl called Mandy (Brie Larson) who is from a conservative family as well. Mandy refuses to let Arjun date her family's son Vrinda (Prabhupada), so he moves out. Mandy soon gets hooked on Arjun and starts planning to marry him. But when Mandy's husband finds out that they are seeing each other, he threatens to expose Mandy to shame if she files for divorce.

Another movie that you can watch when it comes to the Best Indian Movies on DVD release is called Abha Suraj. This movie tells the story of a mentally disturbed boy named Adarsh who grows up with an insanity complex. When he witnesses the brutal murder of his family member, Adarsh is committed to a mental hospital. However, thanks to an accidental discharge while in the hospital, he escapes and returns home to kill his sister. While he is trying to kill her, a mysterious terrorist tries to shoot him down, but he manages to escape to tell his sister about what he has seen.

Finally, the movie that you can watch that is considered a must-see movie about Luca is called Beca Luca (2021). Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the movie stars Anushka Shehnaz, Madhubala, Mahesh Babu, Soni Suresh, Ravi Teja, Kalia Mandalia, Manish Malhotra and Ravi Bandy among others. It tells the story about a young woman named Prem Chopra, who returns to her old village following the completion of her engineering college. There she meets a man named Luca, who tries to seduce her, much to the girl's disappointment.

The movie Beca Luca (2021) tells the full story of Luca De Angelis, who was born in Argentina. She grew up with a deaf and dumb father, who never could fully communicate with her, so that she grew up feeling different from other children. Thanks to the help of her new friend Brie Larson (Anushka Shehnaz), Luca gets to travel all around the world, and gets to meet many people and eventually fall in love with Brie.

Finally, the last part of the movie that you can watch that will make you fall in love with Luca De Angelis is called Seaside Town. In this movie, Luca and Brie Larson finally reunite as they pursue the mysterious man that wants them back. They travel to the seaside town of Cavalleria, which used to be the capital of the Buenos Aires Province, before it was destroyed in a war. Luca fell in love with a girl named Ana, who works there, but is taken away by her brother, Marcial. It turns out that Luca has feelings for Brie too, so they team up and start saving the city from threats, until they find out that they have a link to the terrorist organization La Matanza, which was running drugs using biological weapons.

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Genres: Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 95min

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