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Let It Snow

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A snow storm hits a Midwestern city on Christmas Day, throwing together a group of teenage high schoolers. They soon find themselves in a world of heartache and romance, and Christmas day, nothing will ever be the same again. "Let it Snow" is written by Nick Carraway, who you might have heard of as "The Kid From New Jersey," or maybe even "The Kid With a Bike." His novel is one of his best, full of laughs and tears, and even though it starts out a little slow, it's well worth reading. You'll find yourself laughing and crying, too, when your heart's content.

At first Christmas is peaceful. After all, this is a city where snowfall doesn't make the weather change that much, so most people have no reason to think anything is wrong. They are only surprised when the snow flakes start falling through the roof. When they get to their homes, the first thing they notice is that the ground is completely covered with a layer of ice. They have no idea what's going on, so they look for their friends, but they're nowhere to be found. When they finally make it home, they find the frozen bodies of their best friends lying about, with their heads in the freezer. The children immediately panic, but they soon realize that something terrible has happened.

The next morning, the only sign of life they can see is a man walking barefoot through the snow towards them. He introduces himself as Bill "Snowman" Thomas, a local drifter. Bill's not sure why he's suddenly been invited over, but he's very happy to get the chance. He's also surprised to find that his parents had a surprise for him on Christmas morning; a beautiful new house with the most amazing Christmas decorations, including an open kitchen and a fireplace!

Julie, a beautiful and outgoing college student, is one of the last people on earth to expect any visitors. But when Bill tells her that he has to drop off his friend's car, she's shocked. Her first thought is that it was either because he's sick, lost, or because someone has stolen it, but that is just an excuse; she quickly learns that Bill has something very important to do with the car. so she decides to go along with him. As they drive through the snow, she wonders how he knew where he'd put it. He explains that he has no idea, but that he knows it's in the garage.

Bill leads them to a house where his friend's body lies frozen. He lifts it up and carries it outside in the backseat. Julie and Bill head down to the garage, where they find a broken-down car inside. Bill puts it in the trunk, and it seems like he's the only one who can get inside. When they enter, Bill sees that they've only two rooms - the garage and the house itself. They're stuck inside on Christmas eve, but that's okay, since Julie's got the key to the front door.

Bill's friends aren't far away either, but he gets tired of waiting. Julie's dad, who is named Frank, tells him to wait until they arrive. Bill and Julie head off to find some food and supplies to get them through the night. They find a tree with an armoire in it, so they hide underneath it, and they start looking for Christmas toys and presents to make up for the lost ones. As the days wear on, they discover more snow falls, the kids begin to wonder what the "real deal" is. There are snowmen, snow angels, snowmen that come from space, Santa Claus, a snowman who can shoot snowballs, and many more. Bill and Julie's search for the truth brings them into contact with some new people, and they end up finding that there's a lot of history going on with this house.

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Genres: Horror , Thriller

Duration: 86min

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