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In "Koati", the free-spirited coati and fearless monarch butterfly fight for freedom in the forest. The glass frog and the hyperactive coati are their allies, but they need their help to stop the evil coral snake from destroying the land. It's up to them to stop the snake and save the land. However, a gruesome encounter with the coral snake makes the story less than exciting.

The movie stars Anabella Dovarganes-Sosa, Rodrigo Perez-Castro, and Alan Resnick. Univision is supporting the film with a number of high-profile Hispanic talent, including actor Joe Manganiello and digital stars Stefania Roitman. There are more than twenty international stars and WWF ambassadors who are also involved in the production. The film will be available in the U.S. on February 22, 2018.

The movie's production was highly successful, and the cast is largely Latino. The film's director, Rodrigo Perez Castro, is also an executive producer. His previous work includes Ferdinand and Ice Age: Collision Course. The movie's casting is impressive. Sofia Vergara, the voice of Koati, and a host of other stars are voicing the main character. The film is the result of extensive research by Sosa-Dovarganes and her team.

Koati is an animated comedy directed by Rodrigo Perez-Castro and co-produced by Latin WE Productions and Los Hijos de Jack. It tells the story of three unlikely heroes, a free-spirited coati, a fearless monarch butterfly, and a hyperactive glass frog. The story features an all-star cast, including Sofia Vergara. A soundtrack with tracks by Becky G, Mau & Ricky, and Carlos Rivera is available on the official Koati website.

With the amazing soundtrack of the movie, Koati has been the hit of the summer season. It is an uplifting film about the free-spirited coati, fearless monarch butterfly, and energetic glass frog. It is an adorable family movie that will make you smile. It is an excellent movie for families and young children alike. But it is not without its critics, and it's hard to ignore its impressive soundtrack. The best thing about Koati is that it's a fantastically made film and has a great cast.

The animated film Koati is an adventure that is sure to leave kids entertained for hours. It is a film that is sure to be a hit and will inspire children of all ages. The plot revolves around three unlikely heroes who must overcome the coral snake Zaina and save the rainforest. It's a beautiful movie about friendship, and it is a good film about love and friendship. This Latin-American movie has a Latin soundtrack and is a must-see for kids and adults alike.

The upcoming animated movie is a fun family movie with a message of empowerment. In fact, the movie will have a positive effect on kids and adults of all ages. It is one of the first films with a Latin-American theme that will make you laugh and feel happy. Once you watch the film, you will be inspired! In addition, you'll get a chance to see some of the most popular movies of the year on PrendeTV.

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Genres: Animation , Music

Duration: 92min

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