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Jungle Cruise

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The Jungle Cruise is an all time favorite boat ride located in Adventureland in the Disney Theme Park. This ride starts off with a fun montage of animation showing the early days of the jungle. It then goes on to present the exciting jungle life scenes of today. The boat will soon pull into the Amazonian Rainforest, where there is a wonderful display of the rainforests native inhabitants, such as monkeys, birds and elephants. After cruising through this area the boat will reach the river where the show ends. The whole boat will then travel back to the Discovery Island where the start of the show again begins.

The Jungle Cruise is part of the Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, which means that there are many other themed areas to visit besides the jungle cruise. On top of this the park also offers two separate sections namely the Discovery Island adventure park, which includes features such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Bio Caverns and Thrill Island roller coaster. The Animal Kingdom itself is themed after a variety of jungle animals such as lemurs and zebras. Inside this themed section of the park you can find the likes of the Crocodile Hunter's Survival Kit, where a hunter uses a slingshot to get rid of a crocodile. On the opposite side of this section of the park you can find a Chimpanzee playground and the Flower Pottery Barn.

Another part of the Jungle Cruise attraction includes the Timbuktu Market, the largest market in Africa and the second largest in the world. Here you will find a large number of tents and other shops selling various goods and services. From here you can head over to the famous city of Mombasa and the beautiful Victoria Falls where you can view the largest waterfall in the world. Once you have had enough of the shopping experience, you can take a trip on the Kenya Safari, which includes a visit to the Ngorongoro crater and the Ol Tukai wildebeest mating place. For those who love to see wildlife close up you can visit the San Diego Zoo Safari.

One of the attractions that most guests don't anticipate when they enter the Jungle Cruise is the queue for the boats. For people who have been on other theme parks they will know how long the queue can be, but on this one it can last you for about three hours! To avoid the queue jump into the water from the ship and then walk through the jungle. The longer you stay in the area the more likely your view will be of one of the animals lounging in the trees.

While waiting for your turn to visit the skipper, don't forget to try out the skipper's chair. This is a remote control chair that allows you to maneuver the boat around the different obstacles that are found at the park including rafts, zip lining and walking through vines. When the skipper is not on duty, there is a real live person on duty as the skipper that gives you instructions about your course of action. The Jungle Cruise also includes the all inclusive day trip to Dr. Albert Falls. This trip includes a balloon ride, swamp buggy ride, trekking boots, expeditions to the Falls and dinner at the Falls.

At the end of the day on the actual Jungle Cruise you can step back on board the Orinoco Island and board the ship for another night and a relaxing night in the style of a classic Hollywood movie. Each night there is live music and entertainment that include a magician, fire dancers, and a dancing team that will light up the night with good music and more. If you are a fan of the jungle, you definitely want to go on the Orinoco Alaska Cruise.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy

Duration: 127min

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