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Judas and the Black Messiah

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The movie "The Judas and the Black Messiah" has been receiving rave reviews ever since it debuted in theaters last weekend. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film stars Michael Douglas as Judas, an archangel who preaches the gospel of Truth and non-violence. Meanwhile, Will Smith as Lucifer is also incredibly well cast as Messianic forces battling in the Heavens for the souls of humanity. There is a very intriguing subplot involving Lucifer's younger brother, whom we meet in the second half of the movie. This story line, plus some superb special effects, make "The Judas and the Black Messiah" a highly entertaining movie that you would surely enjoy.

Originally appearing in the book of Acts, book of Galatia, in the book of Revelation the angel Gabriel warns the new Jesus to beware of the false gospel of Satan. Offered a tempting plea from the FBI, William O'Neal (Michael Douglas) infiltrates the underground Chicago section of the Black Panther Party for information on Party leader Fred Hampton. In doing so, he kills two alleged Black Panthers and a police detective; however, his mission is to kill Hampton and expose the secret society that he belongs to...

With the help of several other radicals including Stick (Lawrence Olivier), O' Neal uncovers a massive network filled with the worst of hoodlums. What begins to unfold is a complex story full of deceit and conspiracies involving the police force, politics, drugs, and religion. As he continues his mission, O' Neal uncovers the hidden truth about the politicians who control the wealth in this country. He then brings down Hampton by stabbing him with a knife hidden in his shirt. After that he tortures Hampton's partner and lover, Elaine Barlow, until she spills the beans about the true nature of Hampton's teachings and his plans to take over the world.

The movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, Dan Aykroyd, John Aston, Dabney Coleman, John Bon Jovi, and Mel Gibson. The movie received a warm critical acclaim upon its release, and is currently ranked as the third best comedy of all time behind Home Alone and Star Wars. Despite its critical acclaim, the movie failed to gain any kind of mainstream appeal. It did, however, achieve moderately successful box office earnings.

Following a few months after Judas and the Black Messiah opened in theaters, it was critically panned by critics and fans alike. Many believed that the movie was not only poorly written and performed, but also had poor special effects and overuse of comic scenes. Others thought that the movie was just a commercial wash. In fact, this film's financial failure led Lawrence King, who wrote and directed the film, to spend the next five years working on a version of the movie that he was more satisfied with, instead of producing another attempt at a follow-up. So, while the movie did not receive a second chance at a revival, it did manage to spawn the television series of the same name, which is now in its second season on Showtime.

Despite its flaws, Judas and the Black Messiah are still a decent watch. For those looking for an intelligent and entertaining Christian movie, that offers some deep message, and that focuses on a central Christian theme, this is a definite must-see movie. The cast, as expected, offers strong supporting performances and is worth the time spent in between viewing. As is the case with most movies, the movie is entertaining as well as having its moments of greatness. For those looking for a movie to enjoy, with an overall message, that isn't too preachy, and that also touches on controversial issues, this is a definite must-see movie...

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Genres: Drama , History

Duration: 125min

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