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Jolt is the hottest new internet funny video show from British independent cinema producer James Corden. The film screened on July 24, exclusively on Prime Video in the UK. It's a film you should watch if you missed it on the big screen. If you already saw it on the big screen, make sure you go back and watch the other two films that came out right before it. Otherwise, the time gap between the two films might be too vast.

Jolt revolves around an eccentric neurosurgeon who becomes the star of the show after saving the life of a girl named Alexa. When she disappears while shopping in London, her mother calls the police but Dr. Alex (Corden) goes into cardiac arrest and is subsequently pronounced dead. His autopsy later reveals that his heart was not properly performing and that he had indeed died of a heart attack. But Alexa has other ideas...

The main character of Jolt is Bobby Cannavale as the nerdy, yet sweet-natured Dr. Alex Cross. He is played by the late Michael Gambon, who previously appeared in movies such as The Secret and Catch Me If You Can. In the movie, Bobby Cannavale plays the first human victim of Jolt, an electrical shock device invented by an eccentric American. He is thrown through the window of a moving car by a lunatic vagrant named Jack (James Russo). The accident causes him severe injuries, mostly in the neck and back area. Jolt is used as a sort of pacemaker by the paramedics to help Bobby go through his recovery in a timely manner.

With the help of his friend, Carol (Daryl Hannah), Bobby Cannavale recovers from his injuries. He then tells his story to Carol about the origins of the mysterious Jolt. Jolt was created after researching the effects of static electricity on human beings. It was designed to be a cheap, but effective, device to provide relief to those suffering from various minor injuries, such as minor burns or minor punctures.

One interesting thing about the movie Jolt is that it is directed by none other than Michael Bay. The man known for his blockbuster films such as The Island, Collateral, Transformers, etc., actually created Jolt as a vehicle to promote the release of his second film, Pain killer, which is based on the same premise as the earlier film Jolt. In the movie, Bay also reunites with his sci-fi classic starring cast that includes Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, D.L. Ashford, and Jennifer Aniston. Although it is rare that Michael Bay would make a movie involving a neurological injury, it is worth discussing how this movie could tie in with the Pain killer trailer that is currently playing in theaters.

The producers of the Pain killer video are doing their best to keep everyone in the loop regarding the storyline, cast, and movie concept of Jolt. After all, they have succeeded in making one of the more unique and interesting action/ suspense films of the summer. If you are a fan of the Michael Bay Filmography, then you will want to add Jolt to your list of upcoming films. The internet is a great place to find information on the upcoming Michael Bay film, including clips, reviews, cast members, plot descriptions and anything else you can possibly need to make sure you are excited for Jolt. You can find the official website for Jolt at the site listed below.

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Duration: 91min

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