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In Insensate, a novel by Joana Martines de Assos, a young woman, Ariel, arrives in Portugal. She is studying for a language exam and lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother's boyfriend is a well known alcoholic. Ariel's studies indicate that she may be a genius. The problem is that, with the kind of life she leads, she never figures out how to unleash her potential. As she becomes more fascinated by the online game called Inspector, she begins to realize that perhaps genius is something she already was.

In the book's second chapter, Ariel receives a book review from an online user who identifies himself as Peter. Peter is an online user who identifies himself as "the unfeeling." Ariel is baffled by this term, because she cannot figure out how a person with such a name could be the unfeeling. The term "insensate" also doesn't help her understand Peter's motivations.

Peter starts to give Ariel a tour of the insensate maze in which he intends to separate her from her true feelings for him. He tells her that he has discovered that when a person lacks sensation or a feeling associated with one's reasoning process, they tend to go into self-pity. He claims that he feels "insensate" and desires to take Ariel with him so that she can experience the same sense of excitement he does.

In the first half of the novel, we see that this will not work, as Ariel finds herself fascinated by the colorful, strange world of the online game and willing to play with it. As the second half of the book shows, however, she has come to regard playing the game as nothing more than a means of escaping and getting depressed. So it is with the discovery of the insensate maze. This turns out to be an important development since when Peter and Ariel discover their true meaning they find themselves drawn into each other.

An insensate foot is an interesting book in many ways, and draws on both science fiction and psychology. It imagines what might happen if the human mind is able to link up the human and animal minds so that they can perceive the thoughts and sensations that each animal goes through in its normal waking hours. The idea is that this should enable them to experience the thoughts and sensations that are common to both animals and humans. The result would be that they would have the ability to bond with one another and share their experiences. Animals would benefit from this and humans would gain access to the unique power of friendship.

One of the most interesting things about the book is the way that the characters react to the discovery that they have such strong emotions tied to their true selves. We watch both Peter and Ariel react to this new knowledge with jealousy and hurt feelings, but the two also react to their discovery with complete amnesia for previous experiences they had. There seems to be a lot of potential for this type of alternate reality where the boundaries between us are permeable and we are all one. Perhaps Insensate Foot is waiting for its publishers to take this idea seriously enough to produce a movie or TV series based on the premise.

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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 84min

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