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Initiation is a ceremony of initiation marking either formal acceptance or arrival into a social group or organization. It may also be an official admission into adulthood within a community, family or one of the other formal elements. In a broader sense it may represent a transformation in which the initiator is 'reborn' into a brand new role in the life cycle. It is usually done by a child at the beginning of his life so that he may seek, find and accept a proper initiation into adulthood. The reasons for initiation vary from religious and magical to social, scientific, and even personal reasons.

For the spiritual Initiate, initiation signifies the release of the powers latent in him/her. For the scientific initiate, initiation means that the initiate has reached the threshold of a higher level of functioning. For the magical or spiritual Initiate, initiation means the initiation of certain rituals to bring about changes in consciousness. The initiates of today are those who have self-actualized natures. Initiations are rituals designed to channel and activate the energies inherent in the initiates, transform them into the energy of a higher self, and then channel this higher energy into the individual's life so as to bring about change and progress in the individual.

There are many different types of initiatory rites. Some of the more popular initiatory rites include: Wicca, Kung Fu, Tantra, Tibetan Book of Changes, initiate programs, the Golden Ritual, and most secret societies initiate their members with initiatory rites which involve dancing, song, words of wisdom, or special dances and actions. The initiation rites and rituals may differ from one group of initiates to another but all of them are designed to channel and activate the energies of the initiates and transform them into something more. It is not uncommon to see initiation rituals performed in day to day life just for fun such as at a school football game, but it is also common to perform an initiation ritual on each and every member of a family in order to bring family values and family identity to the surface.

Ordinarily, initiations are performed during puberty when the young boys begin to explore their hidden and supernatural powers. The initiation ceremonies involved in initiation rites are usually kept secret and only those in the know and chosen to perform them are aware of what they involve. Ordinarily, the initiations involving spirits and demons are performed by those who are out to protect women and children from evil spirits. It is believed that to protect women from these malevolent spirits, a boy must first become an initiate by performing a series of rites and actions.

In modern times, the initiatory rituals and actions are performed to enhance personal growth, personal development, spiritual development, self-discover-ability and the realization of a deeper meaning in life. Every age has its own unique initiatory traditions and initiations are performed to help guide new generations into the right path. Even though some of the traditions have changed over time, there are still a deep meaning and symbolism behind each initiation rite. Over the centuries, man has searched for a way to get closer to his creator, and that search can be traced back to the time of the ancient Egyptian gods and the mystical practices that surrounded them.

In the initiatory rites of various ancient societies such as Egypt, China, India and Rome, there was a quest to find one's divine potential. All these societies understood that each human being had the potential to become something greater than what they were. These societies knew that by joining the various secretive societies, one would learn more about their divine role and in turn learn how to make their lives meaningful. Many of these rites have lost their meaning and now are considered just rituals or a part of entertainment. But through the ages, man has searched for a way to return to that higher divine state.

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Genres: Horror , Mystery

Duration: 96min

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