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I Care a Lot

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"I Care a Lot" is a very touching movie about two high school sweethearts. A shady guardian comes into hot water when, in the name of protecting her son, she attempts to bilk an unsuspecting woman who has deep ties to an infamous crime boss. The movie is a great example of the many movies that try to make the teenage age range feel young and hip. This movie depicts a boy (Zach Lowe) that comes from a poor background and, through the help of some friends, ends up getting a great education and his dream life. He then realizes that he wants to go into the music industry with the biggest stars in the business. But he must also battle the temptation of an older woman who seduces him and gets him "in the closet".

The plot of the movie, I think, is a fantastic example of how the movie industry targets children. They love stories about teenagers overcoming all kinds of obstacles just to get to be the center of attention. "I Care a Lot" has a lot of that going for it because we as children always hear our parents talking about how great their favorite stars are and how they're going to change our lives for the better.

There is another movie that comes to mind when I think of this genre of movie. This is the movie about a little girl (Haylie Duff), who was killed in a car crash. She left a note that said, "You'll always be my kid", which pretty much sums up her whole personality. So, when her friend goes over to her grave and finds out that she was actually buried with her baby doll (played by Joanna Kruger), things start to get weird. In this movie as well as in the others mentioned here, it is almost impossible not to have emotions while watching them. People either get excited or extremely upset over the things that they see and experience in the movies.

Another thing that I like about this genre of movies are the online videos that people make after watching them. There are a lot of video sharing sites online and each one of them has their own unique rules and regulations. Some allow you to embed videos while others only allow streaming of the content. With the latter option, you can be sure that what you are seeing is real time. The online crowd loves to share what they've seen on the big screen and it's really very effective to get more viewers to your website.

I also want to mention the movie "I, Robot". This is a movie that was a big hit among audiences. It's one of those dramas where robots are playing humans and the humans are playing robots. Yes, I care a lot about robots.

Of course the list would be incomplete if I did not include the movie "I, Robot". This is another robot story and it's directed by none other than Stanley Kubrick himself. I'm sure that you would also go all out if you would see this movie and hope that it gets an Oscar nod. Who knows, but it could happen.

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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Thriller

Duration: 119min

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