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I Am All Girls

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The South African crime drama "Am All Girls" a Netflix original, is a harrowing exploration of the global phenomenon of human trafficking. The movie follows two young women whose futures are intertwined by a tragic story. Serena, a young girl from a poor family in township Riahui, is desperately trying to get out of a life of sex slavery to marry an older man. Meanwhile, Alex, a street-smart and courageous girl from township Thapae, is also trying to escape the life of slavery.

The movie revolves around two parallel stories. In one, Serena is busy looking for her missing father, while Alex goes to her old friend Masego's farm to find proof that her late father was indeed alive. Meanwhile, Masego, a local expert in illegal diamonds, hires a private detective to help him catch the notorious criminals responsible for her mother's death. When Serena's ex-boyfriend contacts the detective and offers to help him catch the killers, the two become a team to pursue this task.

One of the most compelling features of I Am All Girls is its subject matter. Though not a movie about slavery, it does follow a parallel storyline about a young girl forced into prostitution and trafficked to a dangerous locality. This gritty subject matter is what sets it apart from other dramas and thrillers. Instead of merely depicting the pain and suffering experienced by the main characters, the movie puts it into a larger context of South Africa as a country with very serious issues of corruption at its core. By showing the lives of the main characters, viewers are given a chance to see how the society is structured and how those with power and authority abuse their position. Though it is fictional, it may also provide some insight on how we could tackle our current societal problems.

With a strong plot and smart direction, I Am All Girls follows the life of two women - Anastasia Steele and Natalia Ossoff. Anastasia is an aspiring fashion designer, while Natalia is a trafficking victim who needs money to support her family. The two women must work together to solve the case and save the lives of both women. Though it is based on real events, the film uses a contemporary theme to make it more palatable. It also combines elements of a thriller with a social message.

Viewers who want to see a good thriller without having to read a graphic novel or go through a long and tedious reading experience will enjoy I Am All Girls. It is lighthearted and comical, but at the same time deeply emotional. Though the subject matter may be serious, the film tells a story that leaves you craving for more. In all honesty, this is a movie that is more appropriate for teenagers than for adults. Though the lead character may look like she could be in her forties, the message and storyline are appropriate for teens as well.

Directed by Thomas Mutchler and starring Anne Hathaway, I Am All Girls is a charming movie that leaves you eager to discover what comes next. Though it is a film about a young woman who becomes a full-fledged detective, the story ends happily ever after. Mutchler's wit and creativity as a director elevate this movie to the title of Best Comedy Movie of 2021.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 107min

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