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Girl in the Basement

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Girl in the Basement is a modern day twist on the old ghost story. A few of the movie's scenes, I must say, made me cry. But, then again maybe those scenes were meant to make you laugh. For me, the movie was funny but not very serious at all. I mean, what is a ghost doing in Girl in the Basement? The movie did get me to think about some of the themes it touches upon but not in a way that would make me cry.

What makes the movie funny and what is it that really draws you into watching the film? Is it the crazy coincidences throughout the movie, or the overall atmosphere of "Girl in the Basement"? Or, is it the overall message of the movie tries to get across through its humor? I will have to answer these questions for you. But first, let us review the movie as it is listed below. Then, watch the girl in the basement online streaming free, because you never know when it might be streaming.

Synopsis: After seeing a psychic (playing herself), a girl in the basement (Abbey) believes that she has psychic abilities. She starts having dreams and soon realizes she can communicate with all of the people who died in her basement when it was destroyed. Soon she realizes that she needs to feed herself in order to continue the visions she is having and she sets up a table in her kitchen to do just that. Life goes on for the girl in the basement as she finds herself feeding other people. But when an opportunity arises to help a fellow student of hers who is being held prisoner in the same building as her, she must use her powers of persuasion and seduction in order to convince her new captor to rescue her friend instead of letting her be harmed. This movie had it all.

Movie Review: Girl In the Basement follows the main character of Abbey who works at a daycare center. One day she gets a visit from a man she has been noticing. He introduces her to the other "girls" in her building and they begin going out together. Within a matter of days, the girls begin to develop feelings for each other and are able to open up to one another. Throughout the course of the film we are witness to the adventures of Abbey as she tries to figure out why the man she is seeing wants to join her. The film also follows the other characters as well as some supporting cast that appear only for a brief moment.

Girl In the Basement wasn't the best movie Marvel has made this year but it was still a good movie. It just didn't compare to the other marvel movies I have seen. However, I do believe that some of the characters were just a little too simplistic and not drawn with enough feeling. Still, I give the movie props for trying to make a modern girl story and doing so in a way that makes the most out of the story genre.

If you have never watched the girls in the basement full movie streaming online then you owe it yourself to check it out. Not only does it have great girls involved but it also has some great special effects as well. So, if you ever have the opportunity to check this movie out you should definitely do so.

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Genres: Crime , Thriller

Duration: 90min

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