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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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TheGhosts of Strykeville, otherwise known as Ghostbusters: Afterlife is an online web-based adventure game based on the popular television series of the same name. The game follows the team of Ghosters who work for the Stryke Corporation, a company that specializes in paranormal research and paranormal technologies. The story revolves around a viral outbreak in New York City after a massive and destructive storm. As the virus spreads and takes hold across the city, only the Ghosters are able to stop it, using their own special brand of weapons and tech gadgets to do so. The story line involves a number of thrilling missions and intense fight sequences, while earning money, acquiring upgrades and leveling up your character.

Playing this game online can be quite challenging due to its physics engine. The character models and movements are fluid and realistic, providing a nice experience as you struggle to complete each mission and level within a certain time frame. However, the most difficult level may prove to be the final boss, which consists of an exploding ghost who continually shoots fireballs at you. Fortunately, there is an easy mode available to beat this boss easily. The game also includes a number of other challenges, such as the lab, subway and boardrooms, which can also be played in single player mode to increase your earning potential.

Most people who have played the online version of Ghostbusters: Afterlife will attest to the fact that the graphics and overall performance of the game are well above the average. The sound effects are quite crisp, and the animation is very smooth, allowing the player's imagination to run wild while playing. Some of the more spectacular scenes include the lab, where ghosts spawn from the top of a white building and float through the air as they move towards you. Likewise, in the subway, you'll see different colored dots moving along the subway car and platform as they move to give a eerie and creepy effect.

Playing the game online not only gives you the chance to save the world in an intense level of panic, but also lets you participate in the storyline at any time of the day or night. You can view the latest stats for all the characters, and use the chat function to find out if there are any secret clues about Ghostbusting that players missed. If you're not into multiplayer online games, you can even play the single player version and focus on trying to solve puzzles and find the secrets of the city. There are numerous levels to the game, and with a good internet connection and a few minutes of time, you could easily breeze through it and complete all the quests in no time at all.

This online game is free to play, and players can gain points by finishing the various challenges, which will unlock new costumes for the character in the level list. These costumes change depending on whether the character is male or female. For example, if you choose to play as a female character named Jill Valentine, you will find a number of dresses in the wardrobe that are pink and have a short skirt. These dresses are just what she would wear to a party, so players can see the potential humor in playing this game by dressing up Jill Valentine in a somewhat embarrassing but fun outfit. Likewise, the male character in the game can be made to wear a number of different outfits, each with a unique color scheme. The Halloween event gives us a good opportunity to see just how many costumes the players can collect throughout the course of the game.

The online game has been designed primarily for a lighthearted purpose, and that's apparent from the menu options. Different panels will allow you to interact with other players while playing the game. If you are having some trouble with a particular character, you can simply click on the different chat commands to send help your fellow gamers. This in-game help can be very handy when trying to figure out some puzzle solutions or when trying to figure out how to trigger special events. This online game is one of the most popular offerings from the popular online gaming company, Valve Corporation, and we expect it to continue being one of the best and most entertaining games on many different platforms over time.

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Genres: Comedy , Fantasy

Duration: 124min

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