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Ghost Lab

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Ghost Lab is a fresh look at the supernatural via Thai cinema, directed by Sathau Kumar. In the movie, a young girl (Tina Majorana) travels back in time to find out who she should marry. Along her journey, the girl encounters a series of gruesome murders committed by hooded men. The movie then chronicles the girl's murder and the subsequent investigation of the crime done by a private detective (Chin Na). The movie is set to be released on Netflix in March of next year.

The movie is being released by Netflix at a date which remains unknown. However, it has already been postponed several times so there's no doubt that the movie will get the green light from Netflix at some point in the future. A lot of people have always considered Ghost Lab as a remake of the Thai horror film The Cutting Season, but in all likelihood, the movie will be even better than its predecessor.

This version of the story was first made for release in Thailand in 2021. In fact, it wasn't until late 2021 that Universal Pictures ordered the film to be screened in other countries. The movie has made good gains over the last few months as word-of-mouth and online reviews have encouraged people to watch the movie. As with any independent Thai movie, a release schedule isn't set in stone. Most of the reviews are written by online followers while some have also been written by those who saw the movie during its first release.

If you're a true fan of Thai horror movies, you'll definitely want to check out Ghost Lab. This is a fresh take on the traditional ghost story and Thai horror genre, and fans of the genre shouldn't let the trailers and news of the movie distract them from what makes it a fantastic movie. The movie follows a group of high school students who are asked to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances in the small town of Phuket.

Fans of the supernatural should definitely keep an eye out for Ghost Lab's release date. The movie is scheduled to debut in March of next year. You can pre-order the DVD right now on Amazon and get a better idea about the plot. It is possible that the release date may have already been postponed by Universal Pictures, but the official site still lists the date as "2021." Stay tuned!

There's no doubt that the Ghost Lab movie will have fans excited. With the trailer generating a lot of buzz, it's possible that the air date may have already been moved. Or, Universal may just need more time to produce season 1 13 episodes of their popular supernatural drama. Whatever the case, we'll surely see a lot more Ghost Lab content on the web in the coming weeks and months.

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