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Free Guy

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Free Guy is a very entertaining movie that has some excellent plot lines and quality acting. It is a comedy about a rich but incompetent writer who is a virtual shut-out from the society he is part of. His only friend is his assistant, played by Steve Martin. The movie is quite slow at times and is full of moments of slapstick comedy and great one-liners. Some of the funnier scenes involve the rich but incompetent writer trying to pretend to be an expert on computer languages so that he can impress his friends.

The story first takes place in the fictitious town called Pleasantville, Connecticut and is populated by wealthy families. This is a well-kept secret that is kept by the police chief, Frankpledge (Gary DeGeneres), and his wife, Beth (Jane Leeves). One of the families, the Wilburts, also has a very rich man as the dad, named Will (John Mahoney). All of the family members are involved in their own schemes and have nothing in common except for their wealth.

Martin, who plays the lead character, meets up with a girl named Jane (eds.). She teaches him how to write and perform magic tricks. He later finds out that she is a member of the Internet surfing team called "The Internet Research Group", which consists of five guys (most of whom are played by co-stars). Together they all work to make Internet research articles that are entertaining and informative for people on the Internet. Their mission is to get more traffic to their articles via the search engines such as Google.

The movie is funny in part because of the magic tricks that are performed by Martin. At one point during the movie he performs a sleight-of-hand trick that involves putting his finger in a jar of water and then covering it up with his hand. When the rest of the group turns around to see what is going on they are all shocked. The magic is apparently due to Martin's Genie Keyes ear plugs that are placed in his ears. These little ear plugs give him the ability to do strange things with objects and people alike.

Another aspect of the movie that gets laughs is when Martin gets kidnapped and his friends rush to find out where he is and who is after him. They come across a website called "Free Guy Online" which has some interesting information about Martin. Then they decide to take advantage of the situation and post a news article online, which leads to Martin getting captured by hackers. The site then offers to let Martin live in return for him revealing information about the hackers.

It's an odd movie that isn't very original. However, it does have its own interesting elements that are entertaining to watch. If you like the quick humor, you will like Free Guy Online. Otherwise, you probably won't even bother with it.

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Duration: 115min

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