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For the Sake of Vicious

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"For the sake of Vicious" (aka "Vicky"), a fast-paced crime thriller from director Melvyn Bragg and writer Philip Reece comes to our theater shortly before it's due to open in wide release! Starring alongside Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway and Al Pacino, this crime thriller is a smash hit and one of the best of the year. If you're a fan of action, fantasy, psychological thrillers and more, you'll love "For the sake of Vicious". This film has it all...

For those unfamiliar with the film, it's based on the famous story of Beowulf and Howa XL, wherein the king of the Wessel realm of Grendel makes a wager with his daughter toward the possibility that he will save her kingdom from a vicious beast. To win the wager, he assigns his most trusted general, Sir Earnest Knight (Anthony Hopkins) to secretly observe how XL engages in battle. When knight arrives, he discovers how XL is unarmed and ready for battle. Hopkinning that if he kills the giant, Beowulf will marry his half- maiden, Elspeth (Anne Hathaway), and he will thus have control over the kingdom - and more importantly, his own future wife... But when the general learns that King Howa XL intends to double-cross and fleece honorably, he must travel into enemy-occupied England in order to retrieve his queen, Elspeth (Hathaway).

Charlton Heston as Beowulf is one of today's most recognizable faces, even though his first and third movies didn't do him any justice. For those unfamiliar with his filmography, for which was known mainly for his acting chops, it is important to note that For the sake of reading this review, I will skip through the beginning and middle portions of the movie as they are almost painfully dull. I won't ruin it, however, so don't skip ahead if you want to stay focused. Moving forward, we meet Earnest knight again, this time as a young prince - although in this film, he is played by Michael Caine. The son of King Howa XL, Earnest lives with his cruel uncle King Ecgebert (inton Ross) who refuses to accept him into society due to his royal birth.

Meanwhile, Elspeth becomes infatuated with the captured wizard Lordaeron (Ossie Davis) while her father, king Howa, tries to consign her to the silent castle, telling her that she can be free if she agrees to serve him in exchange for a pardon for her father. Earnest agrees, but when the opportunity arises to rescue Elspeth from the wizards' tower, he attacks them without harm, only to find out that his mother has died in the process. As he crushes Elspeth beneath the floor, he finds the corpse of her parents and realizes that she has been tortured to death. Earnest then flees the scene in search of his beloved wife, whom he never sees again. After finding out about his mother's murder, Earnest flees to relative refuge where he thinks he will meet his future bride.

Now, three years later, the kingdom of Wesel is under threat of violent intruders descend upon its walls and attack the residents. It is during this time that Earnest gets word from his father about how his good friend King Howa has been taken away and killed by the cannibals. Before he can tell his father what happened to his friend, a warrior namedorius appears before him. The warrior asks Earnest to swear in front of a goddess in order to protect him as well as his home, then asks him to help defend Wesel against the intruders. Earnest agrees, since he wants to exact revenge on the man who killed his mother.

By the end of the film, Earnest has formed a powerful defensive force by using the forces of nature itself against the intruders. Meanwhile, the Goddess herself protects King Howa from being eaten alive by cannibals. At the end of the film, the people of Wesel rose up and reclaimed their capital city. In the sequel, For the Kingdom of Deadly Predators, Earnest returns as a leader of the Weselites and they defeat the cannibals once more, thereby restoring peace to Wesel.

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Genres: Action , Horror , Mystery

Duration: 80min

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