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Tom Hanks is returning to Apple TV with his second movie, Finch. This time around, the actor will be starring as David Kleinfeld, an ABC detective who solves crime. This is the second movie that the Oscar-nominated actor has directed that will be available exclusively for the digital service, following the aforementioned World War II thriller Greyhound. If you're not familiar with either of these films, they are both award-winning and worth checking out. In particular, I am very high on the intriguing psychological thriller that paints a picture of a New York City detective (Hanks) working the murder case of a missing woman; meanwhile, his friend played by Jennifer Aniston plays his wife.

The first part of the movie concerns David Kleinfeld, who was an ex-con who becomes a detective after leaving the business. He gets assigned to the case of a missing young girl, Amberleyside. The movie itself is quite suspenseful, especially when it involves a series of events leading up to Amberleyside's death. The Internet has been abuzz with theories about what might have been responsible for her death, and many movies have been created about this topic, including the remake of The Shining. However, one of the most popular theories centers around the possibility of satanic ritualism and a possible demonic possession. One of the best things about the streaming supernatural drama is that it is based only on the fact that no physical evidence points to the fact that there was any wrong doing with the young woman's death.

With this said, I would like to discuss the most recent movie I saw, Finch, and its potential interest to those seeking supernatural fiction or movies in general. Finch stars Michael Caine, Kevin Kline, and Jennifer Aniston as well as guest stars like Ed Harris and Trace Beaulieu. The movie is about a crooked cop, played by Caine, who ends up investigating the theft of an shipment of drugs from a cargo ship. Once he realizes what he is looking for, he is determined to find out what happened to the woman who was in charge of the shipment and the cargo ship itself.

Based solely on a novel entitled Red fever, Finch follows the story of a sickly child who finds himself in a small town and starts to experience strange, unexplainable symptoms. When he takes a boy from his foster home, he finds him hiding a rare and dangerous book called Red Fever, which has the power to turn any one who consumes it into a vengeful, blood thirsty monster. Once the boy realizes what he has done and the implications of what he has done, he must run to the nearest police station to report his crime, but when he fails, he is taken to a facility for runaway children where he meets a new group of people, including a girl who has a secret that will change everything about their lives.

The movie begins in a small town called Goodyear, where everyone knows the former police officer, Finch, well. He seems to be doing a good job of hunting down missing children, however, when he steps into the woods one night, he finds something more sinister than he had expected. An evil scientist has stolen the formula for a serum that can turn anyone into a vamp. Finch is the only person who knows the serum's effects and, after saving the town, he returns to his home in Goodyear to tell the townspeople what he has seen.

The novel is modern day and the plot is one of man fighting against an ever-growing tide of supernatural creatures who want to take over the world. In this world, Finch is not the only living being with powers of a different sort; as the novel opens, there is another living being, Cordy, who also possesses similar powers. However, while Finch is fighting the evil forces of the night, he also must battle other living beings who wish to take over the post-apocalyptic world. The premise of the novel is to follow Finch's journey throughout the novel as he tries to save the day. After all, in a world where humans have created machines which can make humans virtually immortal, there will always be a place for the supernatural.

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