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The Gist: Ferry (Fran O'Rourke) lives in the quietude of his Dutch countryside home. He works a quiet, straightforward job in a colorful Brussels city district, enjoying a slightly above-average retirement age. His large, round, house-shaped garden receives a lot of visitors from acquaintances and people passing by on the way to the city. However, Ferry has never had to live anywhere near his much younger half-sister, Anne (Greta Scacchi), who remains in Europe. When their daughter, Flora (Sophie Darby), moves out of the country and into London, Ferry decides that it is time to take on a challenge that will revitalize his life - and his marriage.

As the name suggests, F Ferry's life is upended when he takes his antique, English-made clipper out for a "voyage." On this trip, he meets a charming local girl, Anna (Anitta Barrino), who has plans of marriage but lives in a small rural town. F Ferry tries to persuade her to marry him, but she firmly refuses, and he leaves her with a basket of flowers as a token of his happiness. The next time F Ferry sees Anna, he's desperate to offer to marry her, but she politely refuses, telling him that she has plenty of other suitors. But F Ferry can't help but notice her beautiful necklace that matches her exquisite gown. As they part on a quiet, romantic night, Ferry ponders what his true destiny might be...

In the years following World War II, F Ferry returns home to a cold, empty house. He puts out an advert in the local paper that reads, "Will any married couple accept my offer to get away for Christmas Eve? Anyone interested?" Within a matter of days, several eager suitors knock on his door, offering to help F Ferry "get away" for the holidays. But F Ferry isn't about to let anyone into his life once he's reacquainted with Anna.

Meanwhile, Anna gets to know F Ferry better, and the two start falling in love. Meanwhile, F Ferry's family starts to suffer financial problems, forcing F Ferry to leave them for the sake of pursing his true calling. When he realizes that his parents don't trust him anymore, and are determined to break off contact with him, F Ferry is faced with an important decision: Should he go with his heart or his head? This movie depicts the kind of high stakes love that's likely to occur between lovers.

Aside from some great acting, this movie is filled with memorable scenes, including one that shows F Ferry's deteriorating mental state as he's confronted with the prospect of marrying an impossible woman. The montage that follows F Ferry's decision was one of the most memorable scenes I've ever seen in a movie - well worth the time it took to edit it! I also like how the director kept F Ferry's personality from becoming too annoying throughout the film...

Overall, This Is All About You is an excellent film that will make any fan of psychological thrillers look back with fond memories. With some great performances by several notable actors, the movie is a pleasure to watch. I only wish I'd had more time to put it on repeat. But in the short term, this movie delivers exactly what it promises: an entertaining, suspenseful, and emotional roller coaster ride. Which means you're in for a big bang!

Average: 7.1 / 10 (777 votes)
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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama

Duration: 106min

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