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Fear Street: 1978

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Fear Street: 1978, a movie I love and one of the best movies I've seen. The movie stars Chris Sarandon, Susan Sarandon, and Lloyd Fellowes. That's pretty much Fear Street in a nutshell, at least in my opinion. In the movie, there's an escaped psychiatric patient (played by Christopher Sarandon) who travels back in time to prevent World War II. In essence, he stops the war but ends up changing history and helping the German army to conquer London.

Fear Street: 1978 follows the exploits of the German SS officer Hans Landa (Sarandon), who is dispatched by Hitler to London. Together with his friend and loyal henchman, he plans to attack the British. The first half of the film is mainly focused on the climax, which is when the SS soldiers, led by Hans, storm into the city and begin to attack the British. Although I won't give too much away, I will say that the final battle is very intense and involves some heavy fighting and plenty of explosions.

When I saw Fear Street: 1978, I was surprised to see that it wasn't in the classic horror film trilogy. Instead, it took the story in the style of a thriller. That means that instead of exterminating the evil monster, the monster becomes a target himself and must be hunted down by a special forces unit. In this film, the unit is led by Detective Sergeant Major Max Schlagman (Lance Armstrong). The plot centers on how Max and his team hunt and kill the monster. They do this by tracking him down using a radio signal that originated in London, and using modern technology to track the Slasher.

This isn't the end of the original story, however. In the sequel, Fear Street: 1978, another plague called "poltergeist fever" sweeps the nation. The government and private citizens are fearful of a new flu that has been popping out in large numbers. One night a radio news report mentions that there have been several instances of poltergeist phenomena. This leads to a manhunt, which ends with the arrival of the only police force on Earth-the cops that are after one vicious woman.

This movie starts out with the same formula as its predecessor, Fear Street: 1978, as the police investigation is underway. But instead of concentrating on the police, this time a squad of female cops is sent to London to capture the monster once and for all. However, unlike the first movie, this installment doesn't have a central villain; instead, the movie follows the detectives' journey to find the source of the poltergeist attacks. Although the movie has a more conventional plot, the atmosphere and setting are just as gruesome and intense as the first movie.

This movie was not as successful as the first Fear Street: 1978 installment. However, despite this, the film is still a fun watch and worth a mention. The fear and tension of the previous films are still present, and the storyline is just as suspenseful. If you are a fan of the original Fear Street trilogy, Fear Street: Part II is definitely a must-see film; if not, try a different kind of thrill ride...

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Genres: Horror , Mystery

Duration: 110min

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