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Fear Street: 1666

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Fear Street: 1994. Shot on a sound stage, Fear Street: 1994 follows the story of Thomas, a young street magician, who is asked to perform at a prestigious charity fair. Expecting the worst, he ends up becoming the center of intrigue and controversy as the night unfolds. Like many horror slow-buried scenes, fear slowly drains from Thomas' frame, leaving him scarred and shaken but still able to take the stage in full gallant glory...

This movie was released theatrically in the US, where it screened as part of the Sundance Selects. However, due to its low budget it never got a release Stateside. It is available to rent from online websites across the Internet, and most of these are fairly explicit titles. For your safety, I would advise any viewer to only view Fear Street: 1666 (2021) online full movie play online with parental consent.

When we last saw Thomas, he'd just completed a tour of the West Coast, stopping in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York to perform in front of a sold out audience. Arriving back in London, he was met by a news crew, which had tracked him down from the airport. Apparently, the press wanted to interview him about the new movie release date, Fear Street: 1666 (2021). Unsurprisingly, Thomas was unaware of the release date; but he was happy to oblige the reporter and chat for over an hour! Naturally, he forgot all about the Fear Street release date and promptly jetted off to see it instead.

Two weeks later, Thomas and Sarah arrive at a hotel in London. They've just finished seeing Fear Street: 1666, and are suitably impressed with the film. When they get back to the hotel, Thomas goes into the lobby to eat lunch while Sarah takes a look around the complex. Unfortunately, something has happened to Thomas...

The next few minutes of the movie are set in the present, as Thomas and Sarah return to Fear Street: 1666 to discover that its gate has been repaired. However, the entrance to Fear Street has now been blocked. As one gets further into the film, one gets a pretty good idea that this isn't going to be a simple fix either. We've seen how badly the clockwork pattern was tampered with in the previous film, and now things seem to have gone worse. Fear Street: 1666 (2021) seems like it's going to be a case of man versus nature - or amateurs.

It's well worth remembering that after the release of Fear Street: 1666, Universal Pictures got involved with the production of a sequel. Although the first film looked pretty good, the second didn't, and many were disappointed with the movie, which came out two years later. If you want to check out the entire series of Fear Street films, you can find them on streaming websites, or you could also watch the old horror trilogy in order to enjoy the newer movies in the series.

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Genres: Horror , Mystery

Duration: 114min

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