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Fear Street: 1994

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The Fear Street Series is the most popular and long running series of Halloween films. The first installment of Fear Street was Fear Street Part One: 1994. Directed by Richard Donner, the movie stars Belinda Scardina, Michael J Fox, and Ed Harris. The story follows a group of college students who must save themselves from a serial killer that is rampaging through New York City. The serial killer himself is played by Wes Craven. If you're looking for the first part of the Fear Street series, Fear Street Part One: 1994 is your guide.

I'll start with the good stuff...in this Fear Street trilogy movie, Scardina and Fox are joined by an interesting supporting cast: Tiffany Caulder, who plays the most traditional character, the Gypsy witch at the center of Fear Street. Macy Gray, also of the Fear Street team, plays the evil werewolf Chauncey Ford. This movie provides the perfect amount of humor needed to make the series enjoyable to watch. It's well-written, well acted, and just plain fun to watch. If you haven't seen it yet, this would be a great time to do so.

Fear Street Part Two: 1995 sees a new face entering the Fear Street scene, as Chauncey arrives in Chaska, and he immediately takes a liking to the "old woman" that he meets there. He even starts to ask questions about her, and soon finds out that she's his grandmother. So this new face, this new part of the Fear Street franchise, is introduced to the audience, and his journey to take down the evil presence enveloping the town begins. This second installment of the Fear Street series also stars Tiffany Caulder.

In Fear Street Part One: 1994, the students from the Fear Street academy go on a search for their next assignment. They are given the task of going to Fear Street in order to complete an assignment, but once they arrive, all of their focus is drawn towards the masked killer. The group realizes that they need to defeat this masked figure in order to complete their training. It is up to them to go up against him in order to do just that.

Fear Street Part Two: 1995 takes the story to a different place. Instead of finding their next assignment at Fear Street, they instead find themselves at the bottom of a mountain, surrounded by water. Their quest for safety ends quickly however, when the students spot a man on the side of the mountain that they mistake for the masked killer. Now, the students must fight their way through this new area, while battling the water to reach safety once again.

The Fear Street trilogy is a fun and entertaining film that all kids should see. Though not as good as the first movie, the second is an exciting follow up that fans of the first movie will enjoy. This is definitely a must see movie for all kids. Fear Street Part One: 1994 is a definite must see movie for all fans of the Fear Street series.

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Genres: Horror , Mystery

Duration: 107min

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