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Fear of Rain

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One of the most beautifully portrayed female characters in a science fiction movie, Raina goes from being a sheltered child hiding in the suburbs to an active participant of the adventures of her father (Peter Falk) takes her on. Her mother, meanwhile, remains completely oblivious to all but her own behavior. This leads to some truly unsettling behavior on her part and a sense that perhaps there is something terribly wrong with her. Also, Raina's attraction to an older man (Caleb Morris) becomes quite clear early on, leading to some uncomfortable moments. It seems that whatever happened to her mother, this man has decided to always be present in her life. As their relationship grows, so does Raina's fears of rain, and this film explores the many ways that fear can shape the way one sees the world.

Raina lives in a tidy house in the woods, where she is surrounded by lush greenery on all sides. One night, while lying in bed, she dreams that she is walking through a giant redwood forest on a hilltop. In the dream, she sees a figure approach her; she screams and kicks against the ground, prompting the figure to stand on top of her. In the real world, it is Peter Falk, her dad's best friend and only remaining living soul, who rescues her from the creature. The two of them are taken to the Underwoods, an underground facility housing dozens of spiders, snakes, and other creatures.

Inside the facility, they are confronted by a spider with red eyes and huge red webbed feet. Spiders attack them and a fire consumes the room. Afterward, the spiders eat Peter and his dad, who remain dead. Their dead bodies are discovered months later, and a man in a white suit arrives on the scene. He identifies himself as Dr. Grant and tells them that their father was killed by a giant spider. They listen to his story of how he rescues them and why; when he leaves, he takes their unfinished meal with him.

Years pass, and the pair return to their home. There, they find a nest of many red spiders and a severely-burned bug inside their closet. When they open the closet, they find the body of Peter's father and decide to feed the bugs to the hungry spiders. In order to stop this tragedy from happening, they go on a quest in search of the one who killed their father; and end up in Africa, searching for a boy named Michael (Isaac Hayes) who lives with his Uncle Harry (James Belushi).

After some initial complications, the film slowly begins to tell the story of how the family comes to live in the Underwoods, along with a cast of supporting characters such as Harry's Uncle Harry, his aunt and uncle Vic (John Bon Jovi), and Peter's Mom Mary (Sigourney Weaver). While we are introduced to all these wonderful people, it is the relationships within the family that truly draw the movie to its climax. The interactions between the adults help to explain how the world works, while the interactions between the children helps to show us what could happen if we do not take care of our children. Fear of Rain is a psychological film that deals with family and its significance. It is a film about accepting the things in life that are given to us and learning to handle those things. As a result, the movie is well worth watching just for the experiences it offers the audience.

Many people may have mixed feelings about watching Fear of Rain. Some have described the film as being boring, while others have said that it was a great movie. What we can say for sure is that this movie is an emotional experience. If you enjoy psychological movies, then you will love this one.

Average: 7.4 / 10 (858 votes)
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Genres: Drama , Horror , Thriller

Duration: 109min

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