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The Eternals, an intriguing race of immortal beings having supernatural powers who also have existed on Earth for millions of years, were recently brought back from the dead. They had fallen into the pits they were resting in and forgotten their history. However, when a young girl from a town called Earth (also known as Terra) was killed by a Deviant named Scattergory, they were sent to Earth by a Time Lord known as Skaav. There they were to help the humans of Earth overcome the evil threat threatening their planet. However, their arrival is not without danger as they are hunted by the evil Doctor Death.

The Eternals first appeared in theDoctor Who television series and went through many changes throughout the show's run. In the Fourth Series, the Eternals were to fight the Daleks who were trying to seize the remaining regenerated bodies of the Eternals. During this time, the Doctor took the human form of River Song and the Master produced the Eternals. In the Fifth Series the Doctor allowed the remaining humans of Earth to join the army of the deviants who were creating a new world of super powers, including the Eternals.

In the Doctor Who - Omega Supreme video game, the player has the chance to be one of the Eternals. When you choose this path, you get to control the Eternals themselves, controlling each of their attributes to create a different avatar. When the Doctor is leading the TARDIS crew, they are the Eternals that must defeat the villains. When you are playing as the Doctor you will have special codes at certain points in the game to allow you to regenerate as River Song, the Master, or other Eternals. This is what makes the game so much fun, as you can get to choose your own super powers and become the greatest Doctor ever!

When the Doctor was in his human form he was quite arrogant, thinking that the only way to defeat the Eminence was for the whole planet to be turned into some sort of cosmic being. The Doctor was wrong, as the Eminence was actually planning on harvesting the remaining regenerated bodies of the Eternals for their own good. The Doctor then faced off against the Eminence's creator, the Doctor Strange. This was the first encounter that Doctor Strange had with the Eternals. The Doctor was defeated and taken back to the TARDIS, but before leaving he offered to restore the Eternals to their original forms if the Doctor was willing to sacrifice his life. The Doctor refused and the Eternals were restored to their full power and strength.

In the comics, the Eternals are depicted as blue slim beings that are quite similar to the Who. They are the most well known celestials in the Doctor Who - Eleventh Doctor comic book series. In the Doctor Who television show, the Eternals are mentioned as blue light beings that live among the stars. In later stories the Eternals were shown to be very cold and pale and were not as friendly as they first appeared.

In the TV series Doctor Who, the Eternals were seen as blue slim beings that were almost robot like in nature. They were mostly shown as protecting the universe, as they were quite weak compared to the other guardians. In later stories the Eternals were shown to be very evil and they worked to collect humans as their meat. The Eleventh Doctor also made mention of the Eternals when she was explaining why she was never able to regenerate with her other regenerating companions. In the movie Doctor Who - The Eternity Cage the Eternals were shown to be blue slim beings who attempted to harvest the life force from the dying Time Lord.

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