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Escape The Undertaker

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The New Day are heading out of their shell and into the strange world of one of WWE's greatest iconic characters, Escape from Undertaker. This intense interactive movie sees Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kaitlyn Nicole as they all fall out of a giant hole in the ground and are transported into Undertaker's house. There they must battle a host of vicious creatures and many more. In this amazing interactive video you get to see what happens when the New Day get stuck underground, literally! But with this new release comes some great extras too.

A massive 2 hour prologue gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how the New Day first fell into the Undertaker's employ and also gives some background info on the evil wizard that haunts them. The prologue also gives some info on the origins of The Old School, the company, how the WWE came to be, and why Stephanie is now the boss of the company (and Stephanie is actually his illegitimate half sister). It's full of hilarious moments and the fights that occur are well designed, realistic, and entertaining. It's really a fantastic introduction to the New Day and it really makes you feel like you don't want to miss anything from their DVD release.

Escape from Undertaker is the first part of a two part Halloween special. In the second half of the film we get to see the New Day rise from their recent traumas to take on the undertaker once again. It's pretty amazing how the entire movie flies by and we barely even care that some wrestlers are fighting each other when they're in the background. The fights are so intense that sometimes it feels like they could actually hurt or kill someone if the undertaker is really that strong. If you love intense action then this movie will definitely satisfy your needs.

There is also a lot of behind-the-scenes info that gives some background on the creation of the new day, how the actual wrestling started, how the whole thing got started, and how much fun the wrestlers had as a group. There's even a great explanation as to what a tag team actually is and how you can choose your own tag team with your character and have the others join you. They even detail how you can create your own theme and how you can add music from previous escape movies into your Escape From Undertaker record. There's tons of information packed into this little short DVD and it's well worth your while for a Halloween escape this year.

Another great Escape From Undertaker video has been released to celebrate the release of the second movie in the series, titled, Escape from Darkhold. In this one, directed by Greg Garcia (The Mask, etc), Michael Myers takes a vacation with his friend John Souster. They end up at a Halloween house and instead of staying for the night, they decide to play a haunted house game instead. It turns out to be more of a haunted house interactive special than a Halloween party ever could be, which means fans of the series can jump right into the next installment now! Check out the video for more fun!

Finally, the newest Escape From Undertaker interactive special has been released. This time around, it centers on the story behind the man known as Undertaker, who is featured in the series as the Big Show. Although not directly associated with the series, he is still given his own mini-plot that is told through the eyes of The Big Show. For Escape from Darkhold fans, this is a great little bit of content to tide them over until the inevitable release of the third movie, because it gives you an idea of what the characters are up against throughout the entire film. If you haven't seen it yet, then make sure to jump in before it's too late!

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Genres: Family , Horror , Mystery

Duration: 31min

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