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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

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Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy is a very entertaining online game. In this game, players will have to escape from a certain room in three different levels within the game. This game has many possible solutions that will help players escape and eventually reach the goal of the game. Below are the different solutions that can be used when one makes to play the Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy.

The first way to escape is by completing all the doors within the given timeframe without getting trapped. There will be a timer on every door within the room that will tell the player how much time they have left to complete it. This way, the player will not rush and be rushed by the enemies. One has to spend every second wisely and try not to waste time that might be taken away from other objectives. During the course of the whole game, the timers will become more challenging because there will be more deadly traps and objects that will be waiting for the players. The players must be careful during every second of playing in this game.

The second way to successfully complete the Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy is to utilize all the objects around the game room. These objects will contain keys that will unlock the doors in the rooms. To do this, the player must move all the way around the room and examine every object. When the timer comes out, one should go back to the beginning and try to open the locked door. However, the timer will disappear once the key is placed inside.

The third way to escape the game is to use all the objects around the game room will not be enough. A person must use the items found around the rooms as well as make use of the objects that are hidden in every corner. Some items will only be available for one use, while others will last for many uses. The user will have to locate and obtain every item found within a certain time period. This means that they have to plan their actions well in order to finish the game within the given timeframe.

In the Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy, a person has to solve 16 rooms in order to advance to the next level. However, once they made it to the next level, a new wave of obstacles will appear and this time the objective is to find the secret rooms. For every floor that has been passed, another room will open up. The player has to explore all the rooms in order to find all the objects and use them in order to complete the mission. The first person who finds all the secret items wins.

Escape Room: Tournament of Chaasy is available for free and offers a very challenging mode. The time limit is also adjustable and can be changed according to the players' preference. The levels are designed in a very unique way and every second offers a different challenge. The task is to find all the objects while avoiding the objects that destroy the room. If one fails, time will only go by again, until the player gets it right.

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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 88min

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