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Walt Disney Animation Studios just released the official teaser trailer for their upcoming Latinx-themed animated movie called Encanto. The movie is directed by Lucio Castelino and features the voice talents of Gael Garcia Bernal, Alejandra Soto, Nieves Morales, Jose Padilha, and Yara Lopez. It's set to be released in theaters in March of 2021. Encanto tells the tale of the aging Madrigals, an aging group of fairytale creatures who live in a magical place known as the enchanted mountain town of Colombia. As you might expect from the theme, the movie is full of beautiful animation, colorful visual effects, musical numbers, and loads of special effects that will surely astound you.

The movie's plot is centered on the life of a young boy named Beni who lives with his cousin, Flora, along with his two friends, Juan and Pedro. While the family is away, Beni gets a visit from his old friend Hector whom he had not seen in ages. After explaining what had happened, the three friends decided to spend the day at Encanto where they would perform magic for the people. Of course, with any animated movie you expect the main story to take place somewhere in Colombia, but as far as I can tell, Encanto has yet to tell us the climax of the movie - or even when the main characters finally find their long lost homeland.

Despite this short teaser trailer, I have already started listening to the full movie! For a short while, I downloaded the free Spanish speaking version of the movie, watched it, and then listened to it in my car's audio system over again. And it seems that it's a great story, with excellent animation, music, and visual effects. In fact, the main highlight of the entire movie was when the three boys found out that their hometown was in Encanto. The way that they found out was quite amusing, too, which added to the entertainment value of the entire film.

Fortunately, there are many other great Spanish movies being streamed online, including Encanto. These types of movies are generally much bigger in file size, but at the same time, they're much more enjoyable to watch. You'll definitely get a big laugh out of watching a high school drama unfold, or a romantic comedy featuring two lovers in it. Other Spanish movies that you should check out include: Los Olvidos, El cavalio de la Luz, and The Perfect Weekend.

Another one of my favorite Spanish films that's available online is Encanto. Directed by Ruben Garcia, Encanto is a beautiful, romantic, and humorous movie about a young man who moves to a small town in Encanto. It's about how he deals with the prejudice he faces from locals, as well as dealing with his own sexuality. It's been receiving high reviews ever since its release, and it's definitely worth the time to check it out. Other Spanish films you should check out include: La Vida, Polirritmo, and Ten Things I Love About You.

By now, you should have a good idea of why it's important to watch online Spanish movies, regardless of what they're called. In fact, the Internet has helped make these types of films available all over the world, so you shouldn't hesitate to venture out and watch online encore versions whenever possible. As long as you're able to find them, the quality will be the same.

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