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Earwig and the Witch

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Most online viewers are able to stream Earwig and The Witch online right now; they literally just need to click their mouse. Unfortunately, for others, it is a little more difficult for them to actually watch Earwig and The Witch. As the first ever Studio Ghibli movie within a year, there is lots of hype behind Earwig and The Witch (most notably because it is directed by Gor Miyazaki, the creator of Kung Fu). It also has a unique, beautiful look that really separates it from any other animated film. If you are able to find some time to view it online, I highly recommend it - the film is absolutely worth it.

Earwig was developed by the ever popular children's animation company, Production Society. Although it was produced in Japan, many people outside of Asia were quite surprised at how well it performed at the box office. The movie was a huge hit and earned over $1 million in its first weekend. Because of its success, Production Society went on to create two more movies based on the same story, namely Lazeroo: The Great Wall and Lazeroo! And You're Dead, which was released in late February of next year.

Earwig is an extremely charming movie, despite its rather serious theme. It is very much like an early Disney Channel cartoon, with the main characters being the friendly talking cat, Cosmo, and his best friend, Wanda. In fact, you could say that it takes the place of the Disney Channel show, The Cats of Steward Castle, as it shares a similar premise and style. However, the difference lies in the fact that it is animated. While the cartoon doesn't carry the same sense of humor, it is nevertheless very cute and enjoyable.

There are some similarities between Earwig, the original animated version and Wanda, the second animated adaptation. They are both orphans, who have the ability to talk. They live in the North American town of Steward Castle together with their loyal companion, Cosmo. They also spend most of their time asking questions about the mysterious "Witch" and solving the mystery after mystery. They also both go through many adventures that will eventually lead them to the wizard's Scroll, where they seek the legendary "Odin."

According to studio producer, Yuichiro Nagashima, the theme of Earwig, the second film in the series, is based on the original story from the famous British children's book, Aesop's fables. The movie's story begins around a year after the events of Februrary 11th when a young boy named Arthur finds the dead body of his friend, Fezzik, and takes the bones back to the Shire. However, he soon realizes that the bones cannot be brought back to life due to certain magic laws. He then sets out to find the real reason behind the death and why the spirit of Fezzik was allowed to return.

The Japanese company CG Animation has now released an English version of the movie titled Earwig. The movie follows a group of children in the North American town of Steward Castle who have magical powers. When a dark stranger named Earwig arrives, he tries to take control of the children by force, but they manage to fight him off. After being saved by a huntsman named Max, they learn that the strange stranger is a wizard and that he has come to Earth to study human beings. The movie will be available for sale on November first, which is exactly the same date that the studio released the Japanese version.

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Genres: Animation , Family , Fantasy

Duration: 82min

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