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Dynasty Warriors

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Dynasty Warriors was one of the most popular games on the Nintendo Wii. It follows the story of the legendary warrior Klay, who uses a unique fighting style called Dynasty Warriors. The Dynasty Warriors series is also known for its extreme over-the-edge action and incredible hero-like player characters. Gameplay is designed to use a variety of weapons and fighting skills to take down scores of enemy fighters. Many of the same fighting skills and moves can be seen in the online version of Dynasty Warriors as well.

Dynasty Warriors makes use of many famous Hollywood movies in the background. Several films within the Dynasty Warriors series are licensed by Disney, making the game even more of an authentic video game franchise. The main characters in Dynasty Warriors are Shang Tsung, lightning bolt extraordinaire, and his assistants Ling and Wu Shang. These famous characters have been depicted as being extremely powerful in the video game franchise. Most of the background scenery and fighting scenes in Dynasty Warriors and the online version closely resemble the environments and settings found in the highly entertaining film versions of these characters.

Dynasty Warriors Online features the traditional battle between good and evil, where players take control of their chosen Dynasty Warriors character and take on the formidable enemies in an effort to rule the land. Players are able to build up their Dynasty Warriors character by recruiting different characters into their army and choosing from a variety of upgrade trees. This allows them to customize their units according to their own personal style and abilities. Each of the four player factions in Dynasty Warriors Online has four available characters to choose from when starting a game. The game's story line focuses on a struggle between the good Dynasty Warriors and the evil organization known as theuders.

The main characters in Dynasty Warriors are Shang Tsung, Luizel, Kintaro, and Takanuva. The villains are comprised of five members of the thieves' guild called the Consortium. All five of these characters have special skills which allow them to take out various enemies very quickly and efficiently. This is made possible by the ability of each of the thieves possess to quickly dash into the battle, regenerate health and stamina quickly, and wield large weapons which can cause massive damage to large groups of opponents. When playing as one of the good Dynasty Warriors characters in Dynasty Warriors Online, your primary objectives are to prevent the villains from taking over the land and ruling it for their own interests.

The Dynasty Warriors Online game would eventually receive a sequel known as Dynasty Warriors: Upgrade, and the third installment would be titled Dynasty Warriors: King of Kings. Both games were developed by Koei, a Japanese-based company known for creating very challenging and exciting online titles. Koei did not release a game to its intended target audience with Dynasty Warriors: King of Kings because they made several changes to the gameplay that caused many of their potential customers to be disappointed with the game's results. However, they did make a game that received very positive reviews due to its excellent graphics and sound effects, its unique gameplay, and its varied fighting techniques and strategies.

Dynasty Warriors Online is the home to one of the most exciting game series in history. Although the graphics and storyline are not as groundbreaking as those found in other Dynasty Warriors games, it still is very enjoyable and does provide a lot of replay value. Dynasty Warriors has become one of the most beloved video games and is still played to this day by a large audience. As a result, Koei Entertainment was able to capitalize on this success and create two very successful video games. If you are a fan of Dynasty Warriors and want to experience a full-fledged Dynasty Warriors game, you really don't have a choice but to play through the multiple endings and new stages provided by Dynasty Warriors II: Champions of the World.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy

Duration: 118min

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