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Don't Breathe 2

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Don't Breathe 2 is a dark comedy film directed by Michael Dougherty and starring Michael Caine. The film was released in May of 1997 and starred alongside Dennis Ho, Denholm Elliott, Pam Anderson, John Tutturro and more. The film is based on a true story about the writer, Don Francisco (Caine), who has developed a rare disorder wherein he can not breathe. When he attempts to take his own life by hanging his head in a noose outside a bar, he accidentally kills himself.

Don't Panic is an interesting film that stars Michael Caine as Don Francisco, a man suffering from the symptoms of Don Francisco's disease that is linked to asthma. As the name connotes, Don Francisco cannot breathe in many circumstances, which causes him to become depressed and anxious most of the time. For this reason, the police are called to the scene of the crime on several occasions, as Don Francisco has been seen fighting with other "barbaric victims". Don Francisco suffers from a form of lungs ailment known as asthma, but he is always under the impression that he is at fault for each mishap that he experiences.

Don't worry, though, because it turns out Don Francisco does have a cure for his asthma. This time, he needs it fast since he has been having difficulty breathing ever since he attempted suicide earlier in the film. He gets help from a woman who works at a clinic, as she prescribes him a potent drug called Valium. Don Francisco promptly gets addicted to the drug and begins to use it whenever he feels depressed or anxious. The woman who knows Don Francisco's condition is his wife, Emi, who tries her best to keep him from hurting himself anymore.

Don't worry, though, because Don Francisco soon finds himself rich beyond his wildest dreams thanks to the drug. He then takes Emi along with him on a cross-country trip so that they can experience life on the road as a family. Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong, and Don Francisco almost loses his life in the mountains. Fortunately, he is saved by his friend, a stuntman named Rich Furter. He teaches Don Francisco how to ride a bike, and the two go on to take a road trip across the country. Rich also teaches Don Francisco about responsibility, especially when it comes to helping people, like the blind girl in the trailer for the movie who needs help to get to a store.

Don't worry, though, because Don't Breathe 2 is actually a very good action film. Don Francisco would probably be proud to have had the same amount of success with Don't Kiss Your Girl, but instead he jumps back into the saddle with a vengeance, riding and chasing after the bad guys across America once again. In addition to a fantastic plot, the movie is loaded with plenty of stunt scenes, some of which are even orgasm-worthy. The only thing that could have made Don't Breathe 2 more exciting was a third act that ties in with the events of Don't Kiss Your Girl, but what they lacked in story, they definitely made up for in action. A movie like Don't Breathe 2 is full of adrenaline, and it will thrill anyone who has ever seen one of David Fincher's other high-concept thrillers.

Don't worry, though, if you don't know where the first Don't Breathe 2 films came from, or how much of a cult the film is. Don't worry, there are plenty of online sources for information, and a citation needed to see this hilarious movie. Good luck!

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Genres: Horror , Thriller

Duration: 98min

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