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Dhamaka serves provincial Indian cuisine in an innovative dining room. The menu focuses on dishes from the North Indian subcontinent, but you can also get dishes from South Asia. This colorful eatery is perfect for a special date with a loved one or a romantic dinner with a partner. Located in a historic building, Dhamaka is a popular choice for couples and families. There are plenty of seating options available.

Dhamaka is a remake of the Korean drama 'The Terror Live'. It tells the story of an ex-TV journalist who receives a threatening phone call from a terrorist who threatens to blow up the Mapo Bridge. The resulting blast leaves the entire city devastated, but the ex-journalist leverages the call to land a primetime chair. After the bomb explodes in the city, he is blackmailed into demanding an apology from a political bigwig. In the end, he realizes that his wife is in mortal danger.

Dhamaka is an interesting film with an engaging script and a strong cast. It is a sharply satirical attack on the fact-free world of the news media, and has some good laughs. While the story itself may be a bit predictable, it's a welcome change from the usual dramedy. In many ways, the plot is simple and straightforward, and the film's strong performances help make it stand out as one of the best films of the year.

Dhamaka is not a true story, but it is based on a true story that is a part of the world's history. It stars Kartik as a radio jockey who was demoted from a high-profile position but scores an exclusive interview with a terrorist. He gathers his courage to be live on air, and talks to the man who is responsible for the attack. He finds out that his friend has killed the man who called him, and they become friends.

While Dhamaka's action is thrilling enough to keep you hooked, it isn't very sophisticated or complex. It's not a film that will make you cry for joy. It is a drab and predictable drama that won't be a hit in the long run. However, if you're a fan of Bollywood or South Korean cinema, Dhamaka is an excellent film to watch. The film is well-made and has a great cast.

Dhamaka has a few funny moments, but overall, it is a dull thriller. While it has some interesting moments and surprises, Dhamaka is a surface-level affair that never quite percolates. Nonetheless, it's a worthwhile watch. For those who enjoy thrillers, Dhamaka is an excellent choice. Its premise will leave you feeling confused and engrossed for hours on end.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 104min

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