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Cruella! Is that name enough to send shivers down your spine or are you something else? If so, maybe you need to find out more about this 'new' blockbuster movie. If not, well, this review will do you just fine.

Cruella! is one of Disney's most highly anticipated live-action adaptations. Emma Stone takes the starring role as the famous Disney princess character, Cruella.

Cruella! takes place in 1969's London and chronicles the rise of popular little girl (voiced byacting superstar Camryn Manheim) who abandons her dreams of being an artist to join the criminal world of her dead friend, who is...well, dead. But before she can learn the truth, she has to help her new-best-friend and comic relief character, Cruella, get out of a mental institution where the inmates are evil doers who want to use the power of magic for their own wicked purposes.

The lead character is played by Djimon Hansu as the beautiful but foulmouthed fairy villainess, Cruella. This animated film features a rather large number of female characters including Fagles (anne Murphy), Maleficent (Jude Law), Ariel (ANIELLEimer), Mulan (Haylie Duff), Lyra (Sophiedeen Campbell), Belle (Emma Stone), and Beast (unpopulated brunette). The movie also stars Alexander Flores, Laura Linney, Sal Mineo, Edward Herrmann, Debra Wilson, and Kurt Russell. You can see the full list of movie cast members at Cruella and Maleficent official website.

The movie has gone on to become one of Disney's highest-grossing animated films ever, grossing over three-quarters of a billion dollars worldwide. Disney has also released the sequel to the movie in the form of a feature-length animated TV special, featuring a different story and a different villain. It can be seen on ABC television as well as on DVD. However, the only place you can buy the movie is in theaters near you where it is showing.

While it's still unclear whether or not the story of Cruella De Vil is going to be considered Canon, which is to say if it is part of the Star Wars saga, it's safe to assume it will. The main characters from the movie are loved by just about everyone who watches or reads the comic books that feature the original Cruella and Maleficent. The popularity of these characters make it possible for a live-action version to exist. If you are a Star Wars fan, you should absolutely consider watching the upcoming live-action adaptation. While you might have your favorite versions of both characters, the new take on Cruella and Maleficent might make them even more appealing to young fans of the series. It will also be a great opportunity to see a new generation of young actors playing the iconic role of the two classic bad girls.

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Genres: Comedy , Crime

Duration: 134min

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