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The Internet Movie Database includes many recent and upcoming films. Two of the most interesting are The Day the Earth Stood Still and Crisis. In this article, you will learn about each movie, how it was made, and whether or not it is worth seeing online.

In The Day the Earth Stood Still, Armie Hammer plays a detective whose only real talent seems to be being able to predict when something interesting will happen. As he licks his lips, he muses over the recent rise in opioid addiction. Then a mysterious stranger walks into his department, demanding information on a particular case, and suddenly, an opioid crisis is on the rise in Boston. As the police are closing in, Hammer searches for the truth behind the mysterious case.

The movie The Day the Earth Stood Still may not have been particularly successful in its original release, but it has since been improved upon. The film boasts a more dramatic plot and is perhaps more successful for its treatment of drug addiction as a problem. Armie Hammer's character, Detective Chief Inspector Jeff Temple, is actually quite good at getting straight to the point and conveying the horror that is experienced by the public at large when dealing with the opioids crisis. That said, the movie also suffers from a few problems in picking apart its characters and their motivations.

Crisis is a more serious take on the true story of the tragic opioid epidemic sweeping across the United States. In this movie, director Nichelle Nichols gives a voice to the desperate, oftentimes anonymous people caught between a rock and hard place when dealing with an increasing public health crisis. While some of the characters in the initial version of Crisis were clearly defined drug traffickers, today's version of the good guys and bad guys are more muddled. It helps that some of the side characters in the movie now have names: Mikey, Cassidy, Rhapsody, and Baby, who play the various supporting roles in the more personal stories of those affected by the crisis.

The film focuses most of its attention on the personal lives of those directly involved with the crisis, and how each of them deals with the crisis as it affects their own lives. The real tragedy of the story, however, is what can happen when an addict inevitably dies from his addiction. Although the initial heroin injection was supposed to provide enough heroin to sustain him through the day, eventually the body became dependent on it for the same relief it provided. This is a theme that recurs throughout the three stories told within the Crisis movie, as the characters try to maintain their fragile equilibrium between addiction and normalcy. The death of a loved one invariably brings home the fact that life cannot be lived within the shadow of death; and it is ultimately the subject of the third and final, story in the film.

The entirety of the stories tell us that while those directly involved may deal with the grief, the war, and the brutality of the situation, the long-term consequences do not end with the death of a loved one. Those directly affected by the crisis to do what they can to get past it, and to move forward, but new problems inevitably arise, ones that are far more difficult to cope with than the original problem. The movie Crisis 2110 offers up an interesting mirror of human existence - the ability to rise above the daily pain and struggle to find meaning and purpose in an otherwise ordinary life. Through the lens of a character who struggles to remain connected to the everyday world he inhabits, and to find a way to connect to others, the online movie streaming experience offers up a unique possibility: a new type of possibility that the internet promises us all can come true.

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Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 118min

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