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Crazy Fist

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Crazy Fist is an online animated serie that draws some of the same elements of Japanese anime that you've come to know and love. This is a full blown action/adventure game from Hypercity Virtualization which has a lot of potential for interesting twists. There are eight episodes of the show as well as a movie. The main story follows the life of arcade master Wintour Wartooth (Kenny Washinton) who lives in Neo-Paris. Wintour gains more skills in the world of gaming as he teams up with a mysterious young girl called Layla (Emma Popplewhite).

Unfortunately the girl he's in love with ends up being a cyber stalker and sends him on a mission to find her mother, who he believes is still alive somewhere in the city. On his way he picks up the help of ex-MIPS agent turned martial arts specialist, Paul Serevak (Bill Sage), who is an expert on cyber crime. Together the team tries to crack the mystery of the mother's whereabouts and figure out a way to stop the crazed cyber terrorists who want to take down the virtual cities. Crazy Fist can be considered a spiritual successor to Ninja Karate, in that it draws on many of the same fighting styles of that series, and also it is set in an online setting which closely resembles what happens in the real world.

There is some minor fighting that takes place between Wintour and a street hustler, however, in true-world style there is also a big national conspiracy going on behind the scenes that affects everyone in the story. One of the biggest surprise climaxes takes place when the leader of the cyber terrorists states that if Wintour wins the million dollar fight, he will become the next IP man 2 champion. While everyone is aware that the leader of the group wants this title, no one except Wintour knows what he is planning. The plot line eventually reveals that after the death of his wife, Wintour had become obsessed with finding the second crown.

The story lines are fast-paced, and include many action sequences, and even include commentary from some of the fighters themselves. If you are looking for a light hearted comedy, with strong martial arts influence and a few comic scenes, then this is not the movie for you. However, if you are looking for a unique MMA movie that features some excellent martial arts sequences, then this could be worth your time.

In terms of movie quotient, Crazy Fist gets a "mixed rating." On the one hand, the fighting sequences are excellent. However, the storyline is rather confusing at times. Some of the characters are not explained well, or the fighting is not particularly near to reality. On the other hand, the action is great and the final fight between the champion and Wintour is intense, as all was forewarned.

Crazy Fist, which debuted in theaters last year, is expected to be a big hit in the future. It is well-written and extremely entertaining. Its main story premise is based on true events that happened in Wintour's life, which made it very realistic and easy to relate too. For anyone who enjoys watching martial arts movies, and especially bludgeoned fighters, then this could be a good pick. Plus, those who enjoy streaming service movies should know that Crazy Fist will be available for purchase soon for sale on blu-ray.

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Genres: Action

Duration: 97min

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