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Crazy About Her

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Crazy About Her is an award-winning Spanish romantic comedy movie directed by Dani La Orden, originally written by Natalia Durán. It was adapted for the big screen by Sergie Soto, who also did the soundtrack. It was released on February 26th, 2021 by Netflix. It's a multi-dimensional comedy with a lot of twists and turns, a mixture of live action, animation, and classic movie magic.

Ana (Ana Botica) is at a crossroads in her relationship with Jose (Javier Botetto). She's confronted by the brutal murder of her lover, while at the same time trying to balance her feelings for Jose against her desire to save her own life and that of her daughter. She has a plan to reconcile her conflicting feelings: to honor Jose's memory and her own sense of love for him while risking losing both love and her job. But when her emotionally vulnerable mother gets involved, things become much more complicated.

I recently saw this movie online and I can say that it was absolutely amazing. Like many of the movies I have seen online, "Crazy About Her" follows a simple plot structure, set in a small Spanish town. The story follows Ana as she deals with the recent death of her lover, settling into a new town while struggling with feelings of guilt and anger for his death. In her new surroundings, she runs into local artist, Paco (Efren Ramirez) who engages her in strange, online conversations. Things go from awkward to incredible as they both figure out the reason behind their online friendship and find out that they are deeply in love with one another.

Throughout the movie, Ana constantly question whether or not she is moving toward commitment with her online crush, Paco. She is aware of the depth of his love and is afraid of losing him, but she just doesn't know how to tell him. As the relationship progresses, she finds herself falling deeper in love with Paco, who continues to surprise her with his willingness to open up to her about his innermost feelings. But when he decides to run off with her, she is left deeply disappointed and heartbroken.

The storyline of the movie may sound incredibly simple, but the execution of the plot is surprisingly riveting. Watching it, you would think that Ana and Paco would be a happy marriage, but somehow things don't work out as planned. And in the end, you are left feeling hopeless and confused about what to do. You find yourself wanting to scream at the screen, unable to stop thinking about what could have been.

Fortunately, there is another movie about Paco Diaz that I would like to recommend. This movie stars Diego Luna as Paco, and it is called "El Canto." Instead of dealing with the painful death of a lover, Diego Luna deals with the loss of his own parents to drug abuse. While it is not as suspenseful or as sexy as "crazy about her" or" Crazy About Her 2," it is still a fantastic film that will make you smile and have some popcorn. It's worth a watch!

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 102min

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