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Cosmic Sin

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Cosmic Sin is a futuristic action film starring Will Smith as the savior of earth, alongside his daughter, played board Ledger. In 2524, four years after humans began colonizing the outer space planets, aging Gen. James Ford is called back to duty after a mysterious hostile force attacks military soldiers on a remote, planet. The impending threat against humanity soon spirals out of control as Ford and a select group of special forces soldiers attempt to prevent the impending attack before it is too late. Teaming up with an unlikely supercomputer, the two men must use any means necessary to protect Earth from the invaders. Cosmic Sin is the third installment in the Will Smith/ Mara Artemis spinoff movie series.

The plot of the movie is predictable, but that doesn't take away from the enjoyment I got from watching the story unfold. The characterizations are well drawn, and the action sequences are well choreographed. The only thing lacking was a cohesive story, but that's not saying much, seeing as how the first film created such a big stir and is still the highest grossing film in the franchise. The film itself is very dark and somewhat dramatic, but Smith does a good job of building the suspense.

While the story is engaging and the special effects are awe-inspiring, the one aspect of the movie which may turn off some viewers is the acting. Both Will Smith and Mara Carthoff, who play the lead roles, don't do a great job of selling themselves, nor do they mesh well with the rest of the cast. It appears that neither actor was comfortable playing the role, and they both failed to really deliver their lines. This was probably one of the most important films of the year and one that could have been better if the actors had more success with their performances.

Despite this, the movie is an exciting, and often thrilling movie, with an original storyline and tons of entertainment. I don't think it will receive the attention it deserves from critics, but it's certainly one of the better films of the year and one worth seeing just for the fun of it. For fans of this kind of movie, it will no doubt be a worthwhile watch. I certainly enjoyed this movie and recommend it highly to those fans who like this kind of genre.

Cosmic Sin isn't available to stream yet online, but you can buy the film on Amazon. It arrives in theaters in April. Watch the movie, and make your own opinions of how the story should be handled by Smith and Co.

You can also purchase a copy of the movie on DVD from Amazon. I enjoyed this movie and recommend it highly to those fans of science fiction and the movie-goer in general. If you haven't seen it, then you're in for an adventure. Cosmic Sin is sure to be a big hit! For more movie and TV reviews, subscribe to my free newsletter.

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Genres: Science Fiction

Duration: 88min

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