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Coming 2 America

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Arriving 2 America is the first film from the award-winning producer DreamWorks Animation that utilizes the highly innovative technology of computer-animation. Bringing an elaborate fantasy world to life on the big screen, this animated fantasy features some of the best animation of the decade. With the original release of this film taking place in Egypt, and the subsequent release occurring in New York, it is clear that this film delves into a subject most Americans are very familiar with, namely the Middle East. In addition, the film features an all-star cast headed by Ahmed Farah in the title role.

Returning to Queens, N.Y, in search of his long lost son, Prince Azeem goes to Zamunda, Mexico to visit his long-lost daughter. But when the princess becomes possessed by a demon and starts to attack Azeem's home and everyone nearby, it is up to a team of brave heroes to save the princess before she turns into a demon herself. The film also stars Barbara Cassella as Naina, Michael Gambon as Captain Alex, Pam Grier as Layla, and Anna Camp as Mom.

Dreamworks Animation has proven itself with several award winning movies such as Shrek (2021), The Princess and the Frog (2021) and Kung Fu Panda (2021). With this latest release, it appears that the studio is on the verge of creating its own signature animated hit. Although the movie is filled with live action and a bit of comedy, the most memorable scene is undoubtedly the one where Azeem sacrifices himself for the greater good against the evil witch and her henchman. Although this ending seems to be the cliche in animated films, the director still leaves us with a great deal of unanswered questions. For example, did Princess Naina already knows that her father was evil and was just waiting for an opportunity to exact revenge?

With its unique hybridized style of filmmaking, the trailer for Dreamworks Animation's coming attraction, Madagascar, manages to combine both elements of the traditional story and cartoon-quality characters. One would definitely be surprised to see what the company has in store for their future projects, especially considering the success of Kung Fu Panda. One can only speculate about the plot of the movie, but we do know that Matt Damon and Kevin Dunn will be joining the previously announced cast of characters. However, aside from that, no other major role has been cast yet. We will have to wait and see how things will go with this movie.

As the name implies, the movie will be available for free online. However, there are certain limitations you must observe in order to avail of the special features and to keep your computer virus free. It is not possible to view the movie at its actual quality when you use a low quality internet browser. If you want to enjoy the online features, you have to have a top notch antivirus software installed on your machine.

The plot of Madagascar may seem similar to Disney's latest animated hit, but it will surely be worth seeing for any fan of animation. The story is about a boy who lives in the city and goes on vacation when his family is attacked by a pack of wild animals. While his sister and mother are injured in the attack, he is able to escape thanks to a flying helicopter that belonged to an airline company. Madagascar is expected to be released in theaters around the United States in the summer of 2021.

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Genres: Comedy

Duration: 110min

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