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Come True

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Come True is a movie that has become a sensation online. Example sentences from the Internet for come true are, "Come on you fool!" and "Come on you scoundrel!" For those who haven't seen the movie yet, take the poll online now to determine if your come true fantasy has come true yet! The movie is based on the book, Come, My Love, Charlie Brown by Charlie Brown.

Mr. Weaver is a psychologist who tries to help Charlie Brown cope with his coming true by teaching him to overcome his fear of falling asleep in class. A close friend of Charlie Brown's named Landau is also a practicing sleep psychologist who tries to give Charlie an accurate sleep study chart to use on his exam. Unfortunately, when Charlie's mother refuses to give him a chart that will alert him to his sleeping problems, he blows his nose in his sleep. This causes him to go completely nuts and sleepwalk through the school halls, terrified of being caught.

In Come True, Mr. Weaver also helps Charlie to get over his fear of talking to women in places like Starbucks. He tells him, "There's only one place where I feel safe - at night." In reality, though, Charlie and Landau have been friends since grade school and spend much of their time hanging out together, and when they finally corner a woman at Starbucks, Charlie gets very nervous and freaks out. Mrs. Swindlers, who has been waiting in the lobby for her son, overhears their conversation and decides to comfort him by letting him know that coming true is just another day in the life of Charlie Brown. The two women end up falling out of love with each other after the whole episode.

Come True is the first film that I had ever seen that wasn't animated and the movie itself was a huge let down for me. I went in expecting a fun and fast paced roller coaster ride through a crazy story and ended up waiting on the d-day for a happy ending. Come True is the perfect example of how poorly written movie scripts can mess things up. Most animated films have fantastic sound effects and some great songs but Come True falls flat on both counts. The actors all perform adequately, but the music is a train wreck and the story is predictable.

As far as movie tie-ins go, this one doesn't offer much. There isn't any Michael Jackson in this movie, nor is there a Wal-Mart in California. I mean, Wal-Mart does make sense in the context of the plot, but not in the rest of the movie. The villain is a complete unknown, which is probably its best feature. The movie itself is not a high production number, but it's probably the weakest Michael Jackson movie to come around since Thriller (1986).

Will someone take note of this Michael Jackson impression in the next Michael Jackson movie and make a big deal out of it? Will Michael be made into a tiny cartoon character, or will he finally get his proper movie treatment? Well, it's probably wishful thinking, but it would sure be nice to see Michael Jackson in a small role, instead of recycling what happened in Thriller (and indeed Come True looks pretty good! ), like so many other franchise installments do. Maybe someone will take note of my gripe about Come True and create a better, more entertaining Michael Jackson film, then they will finally give him his proper release date.

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Duration: 105min

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