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In 2021, a little-known independent film called CODA appeared on the Internet and instantly became a smash hit. CODA is the nickname for a new Internet movie called The Cutting Edge of Organic Living and it is directed by Si n Heder. The movie was set up as a web series, which means that it was filmed primarily online, as well as using off-line methods like email, the Webcam, and real cameras. CODA even won the U.S. Dramatic Audience Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Music, Original Score. After winning the Golden Globe, the movie went on to be shown in the Sundance Channel's New York Magazine Special Feature Festival and subsequently online.

The plot of the movie CODA revolves around a group of aging housewives who are forced to move into an assisted living home after their husbands pass away. However, things don't go smoothly as they quickly discover that the facility has several violent residents who have taken up residence there. When CODA gets an opportunity to visit the facility, she visits with one of the residents named Ellen (Lori Singer). Ellen has an unkempt face and apparently, she has been living in the house as a prostitute for the past ten years. When CODA arrives at the residence, Ellen immediately makes eye contact and then pretends to be sick, much to the dismay of the resident's husband, Rico (Christoph Koncz). The husband then informs the guards, who arrest the coda, but she manages to escape from the authorities before they can catch her.

CODA then finds herself traveling across the country while carrying a ton of stolen documents, and she is pursued by the authorities everywhere she goes. Eventually, CODA finds herself at the Waldorf-Astoria and tries to locate her mentor, Dr. Milton Kline (James Belushi), who she has never met. When she finally finds him, he informs her of her future in an assisted living facility and then abruptly passes away. CODA then returns to her old apartment in Manhattan, where she lives out her days trying to figure out what she did to end up back in the house she grew up in. When a mysterious stranger offers to help her get her life on track again, CODA realizes she might not have to live in a nursing home forever. When she gets out into the streets once again, she encounters a series of unfortunate incidents that leads her to enroll in a full online full movie course in which she will learn not only how to make a living in movies but also how to write some of her best-known screenplays.

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Genres: Drama , Music , Romance

Duration: 112min

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