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Cherry trees, or Cherries as they are also known, are the largest member of the berry family. It is hard to judge the size of a cherry because it has a soft bark and is known to be somewhat conical in shape. A cherry is usually the result of a cross of several species of trees including the Muscat, Juniper, Ficus, Pinot Noir, Blackberry, Sunflower, Pink Sunflower, Amaryllis, Sicilian Cherries, and Black Eyed Cherry. The tree bearing the largest quantity of cherries is the Seriola Cherry, or the cherry tree. These cherries are named after the Italian town of Genoa, where they were first cultivated and grown. Today there are more than twelve million Cherry trees being used worldwide for food, wine, medicine, cosmetics, furniture, flowers and many other applications.

The fruit of a cherry tree consists of over sixty percent oil and almost seventy percent pulp. The remaining thirty percent consists of numerous side effects and fragrances. This is mainly due to the medicinal properties of the fruits. Most of its therapeutic qualities are due to its flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that have anti-aging properties, killing harmful free radicals. Moreover, Cherry juice can be used for detoxification and weight loss because of its high water solubility. The skin and the seeds of the fruits contain significant quantities of natural vitamins and minerals, as well as biotin and folic acid, essential minerals that stimulate healthy cell growth.

The skin of a cherry contains significant amounts of vitamin c - thirty percent more than any other fruit. In fact, the skin is one of the richest sources of vitamin C - about five times more than any other fruit. The flesh of the cherry contains a large amount of sugar and asafetida - an enzyme found in almost all fruits. The size of a cherry varies greatly depending upon where it is grown. While some varieties of the cherry are small, such as the ones found at the Cappuccino in Genoa, Italy, others are large and fit perfectly into the palm of the Euterpe family. A cherry's shape is largely dependent upon where it is grown, though the skin and seeds are quite similar no matter where it originates from.

Cherry trees are easy to grow due to their low need for additional nutrients. They produce large fruit, so the trees are usually ready to harvest in just two years. On an annual basis, the trees can produce up to eight pounds of cherry product. The fruits themselves vary widely in size, from a few inches long to about a foot. The sweet cherries tend to be smaller, while sour cherries are the largest.

Some species of this tree do not bear fruit, while other varieties produce soft juicy berry-like berries that taste like black cherries or strawberries. However, the fruit is technically neither a cherry nor a berry; it is actually an herb. The Cherry family includes over one hundred species of plants, with over one hundred variations found throughout the world.

One of the many health benefits of eating tart cherries is that they contain a special class of nutrients known as flavonoids. These antioxidants can help lower a person's cholesterol level, which can lead to a decreased risk of heart disease. In addition to their antioxidant properties, flavonoids play a role in preventing cancer, improving the immune system, fighting infection, strengthening the bones and preventing diabetes. Even if you don't think you'll benefit from all of these health benefits, consider giving them a try next time you buy a cherry juice or drink cherry juice.

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