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Catch the Bullet

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In this gripping crime thriller/ suspense thriller, the strong-willed private investigator, Detour Marks (MacMaster) is called out to take on one of the most difficult and dangerous cases he's ever had: to catch the notorious "Buck O' Safari" in an exotic African safari. Captured deep within the dangerous environs of a luxury safari resort, Buck O' Safari leads a dangerous and relentless existence, running from those who want to harm him and those who want to help him - including some very dangerous people himself. As he pulls dangerously close to completing his mission, will Buck O' Safari bring his deadly brand of hard-boiled detective work to the dangerous streets of Toronto? And if so, what sort of dangerous people does he have to encounter on the way to saving the beautiful blonde woman of his dreams?

Shot in and around the beautiful Victoria Falls area of Zambia, Caught in the Bullet is the first feature film directed by George Peppard and starring George Clooney. With the multi-million dollar budget that afforded the director the freedom to truly be imaginative with his story, the film is considered one of the best of its kind ever made. Shot in and around Victoria Falls, Zambia and other historic African destinations, Caught in the Bullet offers an expert and engaging glimpse of the life of two iconic American celebrities: Buck O' Safari and Julia Roberts. Brilliantly cast as the famous safari stars, the film is an exhilarating action/adventure that successfully captures the true spirit of this incredible time in the history of the west.

With a screenplay by George Peppard and Bill Younger, the film relies largely on a number of cleverly crafted scenes that highlight the fast paced action and adventure of the main characters. One such scene depicts the slow motion magic tricks of Buck O' Safari, played by Brad Pitt. As the slow motion becomes more apparent, we are taken into a world where the once sweet and innocent Julia Roberts is transformed into a vengeful, hardened women who bears a deadly secret that will change the course of history. Playing the role of both lover and hired gunslinger, Buck O' Safari's journey takes him across a post-apocalyptic world that is populated by both human and animal people. Following a massive shoot out at a gold mine, Buck O' Safari is left with no other choice but to embark on a cross country trek with a vicious shoot out with a band of cannibals led by their leader Bo Boggle (Rhys Ifans), who wants to avenge his fallen brother.

While searching for his father, Buck O' Safari comes across the town of Bellwood, where he runs into a group of villagers led by Sheriff Tommy (George Peppard). Led by Sheriff Tommy, the villagers take Buck to their home, where he tries to reason with the wary bellman, but to no avail. Forced to take one of their guns, Buck makes an escape after shooting a vicious dog.

Now on his way back to Bellwood, Buck O' Safari arrives at the gates of the prison where Bo Boggle and a couple of his men are holding Julia Roberts (anna Sofia) captive. However, they are unaware that Roberts has already been given up for dead and that her unborn baby is being held in a room next to the furnace. When the intruders open the vault, it is revealed that the baby has been frozen inside a block of ice. Now determined to get his revenge, Buck O' Safari sneaks inside the room and finds the man who ordered the shipment of the guns and removes the baby from his freezer...

Shot in the midpoint of the movie (as opposed to the opening and closing credits where most movies choose to go with extended footage), Catch the Bullet is a fantastic action film that is well worth the time spent by moviegoers. Chow Yun-fat plays the role of Chinese arms dealer "Master Stick," while Martin Sheen plays the role of Chinese mob boss "Bang" and reunites the entire Hollywood family for the third time (the first two reunions were actually occurring over 20 years ago!). The late Christopher Reeve makes a great cameo as a Chinese tong practitioner, while Alice cooperating with Peter Chung Ling Soo to save the world from evil...

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Genres: Action , Western

Duration: 89min

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