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Breaking News in Yuba County

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For anyone who has watched the movie "Watergate" or any of its many spinoffs, you know that breaking news is part of the entertainment value of the movie. From the first scene of Peter Parker getting out of a moving car on a deserted street, to his Daily Show appearance on the morning news, breaking news in Yuba County is something that appears almost daily. Unfortunately, in this reality we live in, sometimes those news items are not what they seem. Sometimes they are false. In either case, the Internet and social media have provided the means for those in the entertainment business to quickly and accurately disseminate the information that they need to provide the public.

One of the most popular fictional characters from the 1990's, who also happened to be from Yuba County is Michael Knightley. As the star of the movie, Knightley is always on top of the story, and he was no different during the recent flooding in the area. On the morning of April 13th, while watching the morning news on WTVR, Knightley saw the picture of devastation across the region. Realizing that the flooding might be real, he took the time to check the online news to see if anything had been reported regarding the flooding. What he found was a story about a local high school football player who had been missing since that day. The next morning, the missing boy's father was quoted on the local morning news saying that the child had been playing in a lake without a life jacket, and that he had fallen into the water while playing there.

This prompted the search for the child, which eventually led police to the home of Michael Knightley, where they discovered the body of the missing son. This turned out to be a huge break in the case of breaking news in Yuba County, because the police learned that the actor's wife had hired someone to take the sun for a fishing trip the day before, and that she believed that she would be able to keep her job. It was this evidence that tipped the police to the possibility that Michael Knightley was involved in the disappearance of his son. By learning that his wife had hired someone to take the boy for a fishing trip the day before, the police were given the opportunity they needed to obtain physical proof that Knightley was indeed involved in his wife's murder.

Two weeks later, Knightley was arrested in connection with the death of his wife. The arrest made headlines all over the country, and the case against Knightley was taken to court. After a two day trial, the jury came to the conclusion that Knightley was indeed guilty. While it is clear to everyone that Knightley's guilt was proven by the physical evidence recovered at the scene of the crime, one must also consider the emotional toll that this has placed upon Knightley and Bridget Everett, the couple's son. After being held prisoner for two weeks, the two girls were finally able to visit their mother, and to see Michael Knightley in custody.

In Breaking News in Yuba County, Bridget and Michael were reunited, and all was well in the world. Unfortunately, things did not go exactly as planned, and on February 13, Michael died in the hospital, due to a bullet that pierced his heart. His death left Bridget and Michael devastated, and their lives gradually spiraled downward. It was only on the day of his funeral that they learned that Michael was not involved in his wife's death, and that he had been in fact the victim of a hit and run that resulted in another man being wrongfully convicted of the crime.

Michael Knightley's release date was soon approaching, and his wife, Bridget, became very concerned about how her son would cope on his own. Michael's health had been deteriorating for some time, and he was unable to work or hold a job, and had even lost one of his legs as a result of a botched surgery. Bridget and Michael were determined that Michael get the medical help that he needed, and on February 12, they got the good news they had been hoping for. Michael passed away at the age of 40, having only just celebrated his fourth wedding anniversary.

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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 96min

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