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No Time to Die

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Is No Time to Die coming to DVD soon? It is not. Though it was unfortunately delayed quite a bit over the last few months due to the worldwide recession, No Time to Die is the third movie in the hugely popular series, with director David Ayer penning the screenplay and starring in the lead role as Bond, Daniel Craig. The film itself has proven to be a box office hit both in the U.K. and throughout the world, but whether or not it will ever see release stateside is another matter entirely.

No Time to Die has a lot going for it, beginning with the superb movie script (written by Alex Cross) and featuring an original story that doesn't feel like it is part of the original series at all. No Time to Die revolves around a man named Jake O'Brien (Craig), who is found dead in the streets of London. Apparently, he had been kidnapped by a mysterious villain known as Doctor Death and taken into his custody. From there, the movie follows the discovery of a sinister plot that involves a number of high-technology weapons (like robotic soldiers and genetically enhanced humans) and a plot to kill the British Prime Minister.

One thing that is clear about No Time to Die is that it is certainly not coming to Netflix any time soon. According to sources within the company, Netflix originally intended to have the movie released on Oct. 8, but the date was moved several weeks ahead, possibly due to studio suits filed against the streaming site. When No Time to Die did finally arrive on Oct. 8, it came only a day after piracy hit the film industry, causing its opening to be delayed several weeks as studios attempted to stop the downloading public from leaking the movie online. No Time to Die did end up making about two million dollars in the opening weekend, but the delays seemed to hurt the movie's overall performance.

With the news that No Time to Die is headed to Netflix, one would assume that the streaming site has no interest in letting movies cross its path, but that is far from the truth. Netflix has actually been attempting to build interest in upcoming movies by showing them to movie viewers beforehand. It showed The DaVinci Code, a film which Netflix bought for a massive sum of money back in February of 2021, well before the film ever hit theaters. When the movie was released in theaters, it immediately became popular and has gone on to make more money than all of its other competitors combined. While it doesn't yet have the same earning power as The DaVinci Code, it is still a great example of how showing a movie to potential viewers in advance can drive sales of that movie.

In No Time to Die's case, it is clear that the company wants to position No Time to Die as a success story and not just another mediocre crime thriller. If Netflix does release the film as it is meant to be, then it will be given a full theatrical release instead of just being available to subscribers as a VOD. This could be a huge mistake, though, because while the majority of movie theaters are offering VODs of new releases, there are still a significant portion of their screens that are simply not equipped to show a full-length movie. It would be an incredible feat for No Time to Die to debut on a major theater screen and to draw in crowds of excited viewers that will then head online to purchase the film. If the streaming service is able to successfully make streaming movies a mainstream phenomenon, then the future of the movie industry may very well look brighter.

Despite the fact that Netflix is being aggressive with No Time to Die, it may be a smart move for the company to stick with a more traditional release date for the film instead. Of course, if No Time to Die can make a killing on its streaming movie sales and become a critical and commercial success, it certainly makes sense to release the movie as intended. However, if the movie flops completely, then it could prove to be a very large financial loss for Netflix - one they will definitely be hoping doesn't become a major issue.

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