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Welcome back to Bartkowiak, the Polish name for Bartkoway, the largest city in Poland. The first city on the Western Front of World War II, Bartkowai was home to the original Winter Palace. The iconic Hotel Wiesbaden is a must see if you are ever in the region. If you do not have time to go there you can still visit the famous Castle in the city. More than just a castle, it is a cultural center and the center of Polish Culture in Europe today.

Bartkowiak has many sights to see and things to do, there are beautiful beaches and idyllic villages to explore. Bartkowiak was known as the "Polish Switzerland" because of the vast quantity of Switzerland that is present within its boundaries. The most popular attraction in Bartkowiak would have to be the Silesian National Park which is one of the biggest natural parks in the entire world. In summer the park is transformed into a popular beach with beautiful swimming beaches, bars, restaurants and clubs. It is also where you can watch the first national live television show, "Wien otto."

Bartkowiak has had some of its own top entertainers like Bobrowski MMA and Daniel Markowicz MMA. You can see both of these top stars at the Majestic Bar in Bartkowiak. Majestic Bar is home to many famous entertainers such as Grigio Caruso, Maria Sharapova, Fabio Maldonado and Andre The Giant. All these people have had their own huge fan base across Europe and the USA. Now you can experience the same at the Majestic Bar in Bartkowiak where you can watch bartkowakis and bobrowski mma.

Another place you should visit in Bartkowiak is Wirsbo. Wirsbo is another famous place in the region where you can experience top quality boxing and martial arts training. Many famous fighters trained here including Mareks fight against Aleksandr Usytkov and Mateusz Pasternak of the Bulgaria team. In 2021 the bar became one of the few places in Europe where you could watch a mma fight without travelling for over two hours.

For more excitement you should go to Kielany. The largest city within the Katowice region and the capital of Poland, Kielany offers you plenty of entertainment. There are various events such as classical dance performances by local artistes or polo matches where you can watch a polish international fighter face off against a champion polish boxer. You can also watch a mma fighter in action at one of the numerous bars in the posh district of Kielany.

Last but not least you should go and check out Podhume. This is a charming little Polish town with a little bit of a history which has become famous for producing some of polish's most famous authors. You can visit the theatre here, which runs throughout the year as you can watch a movie in the local family nightclub. For more excitement you can see a mma fighter take on another fighter in the evenings as boxing is also regularly showcased.

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