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Awake is a groundbreaking spiritual movie, which takes you on an epic journey through time and space. With the help of a viewer base that is active and passionate, this film is not only a box office hit but an experience to behold. Directed by Luc Jacquet and starring Chris Evans, Thanis Khan, Michelle Williams and Karen Gillan, Awake is set in a near future, where religious fanatics and unbelievers must unite against a common enemy. Once the dust settles, they find themselves enemies, each one vying for control of a key sector of the world. The movie has won many awards and is widely considered one of the best movies of 2021.

Awake is part of the Awake television show, which was launched in the year 2021 and is shown on most channels across the world. A movie within a movie, the series provides a unique look into the daily life of those who dedicate themselves to the teachings of Awake. Each episode chronicles a different story and provides the viewer with a different experience. You will see Thanis Khan takes a dip into the mysterious Amazon Sea, where he encounters other like minded travelers. This mystic adventure leads him on a voyage deep into the Amazon jungle to seek out a lost tribesman who can help him in his quest. Along the way, he meets a pregnant woman who gives him the chance to fall in love with her; he also gets to travel through time, meet different people from the past including the president of the United States and discover the secret of how humans became evil.

Other prominent characters include Chris Evans, Thanis Khan, Michelle Williams, Karen Gillan and cameos by Thanis Khan and Michael Chiklis. The Awake show is produced by Disney and is aimed at preschoolers. While the Awake movie streaming is not exactly for children, it is quite entertaining for the little ones because of its unique animation style and the fact that it is aimed at an educational purpose. Both versions of the show are geared towards educating the viewers and helping them to develop positive attitudes towards life.

Another animated series, which is popular among kids is the streaming version of123Movies. This movie has also been aired on some channels but is gaining popularity in the US. The show features a group of Disney characters who travel back in time to try and correct the wrong happenings in the 20th century. It takes you on a journey through time and features a number of entertaining characters like Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and lots more. This movie is aimed at a younger audience and is not exactly kid friendly but is very much appropriate for those parents who want to expose their children to the rich culture of the Disney Empire.

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