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Asia is the most densely populated and world's second largest continent, found primarily in the Western and Northern Hemispheres, with a large portion of its land mass in what is now northern India and China. It shares the same continental land mass with the continent of Africa and with Europe. Asia has been one of the most important world destinations for many centuries, with millions of visitors every year making its exotic lands a popular destination to visit. Asia has seen cultures, arts, histories, and cultures develop and bloom since the earliest times, and has been a key player in the colonization of the Americas, as well as in the eventual growth and development of countries in these continents.

A primary trade route throughout Asia consists of land routes that snake through what is today known as the Southeast Asian region. Some of these caravan trails, which have been active since the Bronze Age, connected Asia to what was then the Eastern Siberia area, which was then known as the Russian Empire. These early caravans were established on the banks of the majestic Khotai River, which flows through what is today the northernmost part of the Russian Empire. Over the centuries the Khotai civilization was responsible for one of the world's first great art forms - painting. This process was developed in China and was carried further east as traders and travelers set up permanent settlements on the foothills of the mountainous south east Asian taken tribes.

The land route network through Southeast Asia, as well as the southern parts of what is now known as Indonesia and Malaysia, linked Asia to what was then the Middle East and Africa. Traveling through Southeast Asia, has become popular among travelers looking to experience a diverse variety of countries and cultures, and also because the Southeast Asian countries are home to a large number of endangered species. Many of the most commonly seen animals in Southeast Asia - including elephant, rhinoceros, leopard, teddy bear and the giant orangutan - can be seen along the many countries of this continent.

Thailand is perhaps Southeast Asia's most popular destination, and with good reason. Although much of Thailand lies on the land routes of India, it is connected to other countries by water. In fact, many of the major cities of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Butter worth, and Hong Kong are located on the waterway that connects India and its Southeast Asian neighbors. Most travelers visiting Southeast Asia will find their way to the country via Thailand, as it is one of the easiest ways to get from the country to all of its surrounding nations and to other places in the region. Getting around Asia can be done via air, road, and rail, but if you prefer to see the country without having to deal with a multitude of modes of transportation, then you will want to take a boat tour from Hong Kong or Macau, as they are among the most easily accessible ways to get around the country.

Japan, another East Asian country, is well known for the snow capped mountains and vast empty spaces. The country itself is small, but the wealth of cultural and historical sights is very impressive. If you have never visited Japan, then you owe it to yourself to do so. Japan is a great place to visit no matter where you decide to spend your time in the region. Some of the most popular spots for tourists in Japan include Mount Fuji, the Great Wall, the Sea of Japan, and the Okinawa island chain. Japan is a great place to see and visit and spending some time there can inspire you to travel to other East Asian countries.

While all of these countries offer their own unique offerings to travelers, there is one place that stands out among the rest. India is a diverse country, and you are sure to meet some interesting people while you are here. Traveling to any of the Eastern European countries of the former Soviet Union will give you a chance to experience a side of life that few people ever get the chance to see firsthand. There is much to learn and to experience about life in these countries, and being able to combine it with an adventure tour in Asia is a great way to learn more.

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